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~Poetry-Japanese Lantern Form – Yes


Here is my Japanese Lantern poem. Inspired by Jane at Just Another Nature Enthusiast (see link below).





Simple pleasures




One evening last week, I captured the sun setting behind this tree. The branches form the letter Y. So as it usually goes, I wake up with words in my head. I remembered reading Jane’s post about Japanese Lantern poetry form.


~Here are the rules as posted by Jane on her blog ` Jane

A five-line, eleven-syllable shape poem take the form of a Japanese lantern.

  • Line 1: one syllable (usually the topic and a noun)

  • Line 2: two syllables about the topic

  • Line 3: three syllables about the topic

  • Line 4: four syllables about the topic

  • Line 5:  one syllable (synonym of or related to the first line)

Say yes instead of no when you can, always offer a smile, be positive, enjoy simple pleasures and all things in nature.

A pretty sunset in western Texas