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~Birding in Texas, Lazuli Bunting

~South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX, April, 2017


Lazuli Bunting
Lazuli Bunting (male)

Lazuli’s must have been migrating north when we were visiting South Llano River State Park. A female was spotted, by park staff, on April 6th. I saw the male on April 17th.

From my observation experience, the shy Lazuli Bunting always wary about being out in the open, lets other birds intimidate them easily. Why so shy, wary and nonassertive?

With the Lazuli being so wary it takes a lot of patience to get a quality photo of one. This male would fly into the blind from surrounding trees, would sit in an area with lots of scrubs and wait.  When it felt safe, I guess, it would then fly down and eat some seeds. It seems that, more so than other birds, it is always alert and ready to fly away. I didn’t see one enjoying a bath.

We see them here in Colorado during the spring and summer. This morning, sitting outside enjoying coffee, a male flew to one of the feeders looking for sunflower seeds.

It is always a pleasure to see these colorful birds.

Happy Birding!