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~Birding in Texas, Orange-crowned Warbler?

I believe this little wet one is an Orange-crowned Warbler. I didn’t observe one that wasn’t wet for comparison. They were listed on the park’s birding list, as being sighted, along with the Nashville and Tennessee. What makes me think it is an Orange-crowned is: the thin slightly decurved bill, the yellowish broken eye ring and the length of its tail. However, it is pretty yellow. If anyone can identify this little guy, please let me know.

“Do you think I should go again?”
Orange-crowned Warbler
“Okay, here I go.”
Shake it baby!
“That was fun.”

For comparison, a Nashville Warbler.

Nachville Warbler
Nashville Warbler. Grey head, solid white eye ring. A pair had a nest near by.

If you enjoy bird watching and don’t have a place for them to take a bath, you are missing out on some entertaining shenanigans. In South Llano River State Park, park personal have setup “Texas Hill Country” stone slabs with just enough of a crevice for the birds to bathe.

Happy Birding!

Header Ā photo: this was our site in early March, We went back in mid-April. We could certainly tell the difference.