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~I am going crazy, four days of cloudy, rainy weather

Sunday,¬†Traveling the back roads of Texas…

Leaving Copper Breaks State Park we traveled on state highways under cloudy skies to Cooper Lake State Park. It was a nice ride. We drove through small towns and in between, as far as the eye could see, hilly, pastoral, acres filled with cattle and horses.

White rail fences and cleverly designed entryways surrounded huge ranch houses proudly displaying their ranch name, something like the Lazy R Ranch,  dotted the landscape. Some of these ranches had even larger Show Horse Barns. Gorgeous!

Unfortunately, we were at Cooper Lake State Park for only one night. Under cloudy skies we walked around some of the park and what we saw we liked. We felt we were the only campers in the park, which is filled with lots of trees and scrubs. This park is also designated as a Dark Skies park and believe me it was dark.  Just after our walk it began raining and it poured all night.

Monday,¬†We traveled in the rain……

Again choosing to travel down the back roads we made our way to Boyce, Louisiana. We drove through eye pleasing towns with American flags proudly flying, beautiful murals covering the sides of buildings, and well taken care of landscaped city parks on corners.

Every once in a while a truck would pass us with deer legs sticking out of truck beds. Not cute. Hunting season is in full force.

We are stopped tonight in a town near Alexandria, Louisiana, called Boyce at River Cities RV Park.

They are very efficient, I called them on the phone this morning to make a reservation, they sent me a text with the security gate code and our site number, we pulled in, entered the gate code, drove to our site and settled in for the evening. Perfect! But, still raining.

We are heading¬†to Madisonville, Louisiana to visit with friends for two days, then to visit family in Purvis, Mississippi. While in Madisonville we plan to indulge in greatly missed, delicious, cajun food! Grilled Oysters on a half-shell with butter and parmesan cheese just to mention one.¬†C’est Si Bon!

Still raining, missing my sunshine, going crazy…

El Nino is going to be a bummer.