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RV News:~New Tires for The Rambling Rose~

New tires!

Monday, we stopped by the Loveland TCI Tire Center to order new tires for our coach. We needed six, size: 11 r 22.5, Model XZA3 (H) tread tires. It was after lunch and the service manager stated: 


“Why don’t you go get your coach and bring it in now and we will begin installing your new tires; we have the tires you need in our warehouse.” 

We asked him what the manufacture dates were on the tires and he said: “ lets go take a look.” So we walked with him into the warehouse to check the dates on the tires. Great, recent dates, good to go! We appreciated the fact that he let us go with him to check the dates.

We left TCI and drove over to pick up our coach, which is stored in an RV storage facility less than a mile away. It does not get any more convenient then that! 

The Rambling Rose spend Monday night indoors and we picked her up after lunch Tuesday with her new treads!

FMCA…Michelin…TCI Tire Center

TCI Tire Center in Loveland, CO
TCI Tire Center
in Loveland, CO

The partnership between FMCA, Michelin and TCI Tire Center and the process offering FMCA members a discount price on tires, went smoothly. The only item TCI needed, from us at the time of tire installation, was our FMCA number. We were given a TCI bill for tire installation and told that Michelin will bill us for the tires.

This morning, I received an email from Michelin stating that our final invoice was attached and our credit card would be charged. Very convenient! It sure feels good to have new tires on the coach. Safety always comes first! 

The next couple of weeks will be a busy time for us as we begin getting ready to head south for the winter.

A couple photos of the dirty Rambling Rose with her new tires. She needs a good bath!

The "needs a bath" Rambling Rose
The “needs a bath” Rambling Rose
Hubby, checking for a filter number on the generator.
Hubby, checking for the model number of  the generator.

Here is the link to the first post I wrote on RV Tires: FMCA, Michelin and TCI


RV Tires (FMCA/Michelin discount)…..

If you have been following along with my posts you might remember me mentioning, we need six new tires for our coach before traveling for the winter. 


Most of you RV’ers and FMCA members, probably know about a discount that is being offered if you buy Michelin tires.  In case you don’t here is their offer.


FMCA and Michelin are offering FMCA members a discount per tire. Discount applies to the tire only and doesn’t include service or disposal of the old tires.


The FMCA program is called Advantage and listed below is what you need to do, if you are looking to replace your tires:


~ call FMCA. They will ask you for your FMCA membership number, the size and the tread of the tire you want to buy. They will then quote you the discounted price of this specific tire.


*FMCA will give you an Advantage account number and a purchase order number, that you will then give to your tire dealer at the time of purchase.


~ Call your tire dealer.  Make sure your tire dealer is participating in this FMCA Advantage program with Michelin.


~ Call Michelin.  Give them a credit card number that you will use to purchase the tires. They will hold your credit card number for 30 days. If service is not completed within the 30 days you will need to contact Michelin again.


~ When you arrive at the tire dealership to have service done, you need to give them the Advantage Account number and a purchase order number.


Hubby called our local Tire Center of America (TCA) this morning, to inquire about our tire replacement and they told him about this FMCA/Michelin discount offer! Over the years they have been wonderful to work with.


Michelin phone number: 1.888.532.6435

FMCA phone number: 800.543.3622



Hubby works seven more days, then he will be retired for a second time; this time from working summers!

Then our fun begins, for the 2013 winter season: get ready to get out On the Big Road!

Colorado Meadow  in Summer Colors (just to the west of me)
Colorado Meadow in late Summer Colors
(just to the west of me)