RV News:~New Tires for The Rambling Rose~

New tires!

Monday, we stopped by the Loveland TCI Tire Center to order new tires for our coach. We needed six, size: 11 r 22.5, Model XZA3 (H) tread tires. It was after lunch and the service manager stated: 


“Why don’t you go get your coach and bring it in now and we will begin installing your new tires; we have the tires you need in our warehouse.” 

We asked him what the manufacture dates were on the tires and he said: “ lets go take a look.” So we walked with him into the warehouse to check the dates on the tires. Great, recent dates, good to go! We appreciated the fact that he let us go with him to check the dates.

We left TCI and drove over to pick up our coach, which is stored in an RV storage facility less than a mile away. It does not get any more convenient then that! 

The Rambling Rose spend Monday night indoors and we picked her up after lunch Tuesday with her new treads!

FMCA…Michelin…TCI Tire Center

TCI Tire Center in Loveland, CO
TCI Tire Center
in Loveland, CO

The partnership between FMCA, Michelin and TCI Tire Center and the process offering FMCA members a discount price on tires, went smoothly. The only item TCI needed, from us at the time of tire installation, was our FMCA number. We were given a TCI bill for tire installation and told that Michelin will bill us for the tires.

This morning, I received an email from Michelin stating that our final invoice was attached and our credit card would be charged. Very convenient! It sure feels good to have new tires on the coach. Safety always comes first! 

The next couple of weeks will be a busy time for us as we begin getting ready to head south for the winter.

A couple photos of the dirty Rambling Rose with her new tires. She needs a good bath!

The "needs a bath" Rambling Rose
The “needs a bath” Rambling Rose
Hubby, checking for a filter number on the generator.
Hubby, checking for the model number of  the generator.

Here is the link to the first post I wrote on RV Tires: FMCA, Michelin and TCI


13 thoughts on “RV News:~New Tires for The Rambling Rose~”

    1. Hi Cubby, there are all types of RVs! All lengths and styles, from trailers, to fifth wheels, to big buses. It is a lot of fun and a great way to see our beautiful country.

      1. Yep…..just checked into our RV spot yesterday. We’re here Oct, Nov, Dec then Texas for Jan. Hum, didn’t think I missed any of your posts, but then again when in transit things slip through 🙂

      2. Sorry! I didn’t state it correctly, I meant check below this post.

        If you get the chance go to Catalina State Park, GREAT hiking!!

        We also stayed at two county parks near Junction – Usery and a little north Cave Creek. Great hiking in these two places.

    1. Hi Mia!! I think on our way out we will stop at Capelin national monument for a day or two. We are always looking for places to stop along the way, mostly state parks. New Mexico is just beautiful with lots of pretty state parks. We will probably stop in NM on our way back to CO. See below where we are heading. Thanks for writing!!

      Also, I have a bird photo I wanted to see if you could id. Look for the title Orange Crowned warbler.

  1. Good Morning to everybody!!
    As we sit here drinking a cup of coffee, which by the way if ya’ll love Pumpkin Spice try Archer Farms, we receive a Winter Storm alert! Coming in tonight a storm bringing cold temps and a chance of snow.

    We are headed this morning to change the oil in the gen. Ya’ll like how I said we!! 🙂

    When we leave Colorado we will head to McKinney, TX to MCD to get some new blinds.

    Next major stop is Fair View River State Park in Madisonville, LA. Visit friends and eat some great New Orleans food without having to go into the city.

    Then we stop at my most favorite spot
    my brother’s farm for two weeks.

    Next stop is in Wildwood, Fl. Here we will visit with some friends and get new carpet. And, I love going over to The Villages! Line dancing here I come! On our way back, we love to stop at Rainbox Springs State Park.

    Then we spent about six weeks in Hobe Sound, Fl visiting with Howard’s brother and family. Walking the beaches and hopefully taking lots of bird photos.

    Then we head to Orlanto to attend one of the largest Ham Radio conventions. We park in a big field with lots of other Rv’s. We have a great time with our FMCA Ham group.

    No plans after that other than two repeat stops.

    Of course we love to try and stop in between at places we have never been, mostly state parks, with repeats at some of our fav state parks.

    Next summer and fall we head WEST!!!!

    Have a wonderful day wherever you may be!!

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