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~Birding in Texas, White-winged Dove

~South Llano River State River, Junction, TX, Spring, 2017


White-winged Dove (adult) Note the dark cheek patch and blue around the eye

These beautiful doves are easy to photograph, they are slow moving and like to perch for extended periods of time. They were plentiful in South Llano River State park this past Spring. The males were beginning to show subtle breeding colors, brighter red feet and legs, and yellowish hues around the back of neck. We only get to see them while traveling south. They have a limited range in the US, mostly Texas.








White-winged Dove

I was sitting in one of the blinds when a Texas farmer came in and sat down. He was very friendly and a good photographer. He commented on the large number of White-winged Doves we were seeing. He stated him and his wife have too many doves around their farm. I could tell by the way he spoke, they didn’t seem to care for these doves. I’am not sure if they caused them problems or they just didn’t like them. Maybe they ate too much bird seed!




This from Wikipedia- “The white-winged dove is a dove whose native range extends from the south-western United States through Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. In recent years with increasing urbanization and backyard feeding, it has expanded throughout Texas, into Oklahoma, Louisiana and coastal Mississippi. It has also been introduced to Florida.”

Happy Birding!



~My Contribution to Good Fences #9~


My contribution to

Good Fences



aged wood, creatively used,

constructed into a fence,

surrounds a yard.


filled with water falls,

feeding stations and birds,

a place where they, feel safe.




White-winged Doves sitting on an old fence
White-winged Doves sitting on an old fence


This fence is in South Llano River State Park, Junction, Texas