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~Today’s Feathered Friend-Wood Stork

Photos from Myakka River State Park, Florida – January, 2016


In many cultures, storks represent fertility, springtime and good luck.


Wood Stork
Wood Stork

Beauty I have none,

grace in flight I have plenty,

perseverance, I am proof.



Interesting Fact:

This species seems to have evolved in tropical regions; its North American presence probably postdates the last ice age. A fossil fragment found might be of the living species; it is at most from the Late Pleistocene age, a few 10,000s of years ago.


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~Lord of the Vultures~

Does he have a gleem in his eye?
Does he have a gleem in his eye?


Howard and I came upon this scene while on a hike in Myakka River State Park. We thought it was pretty funny. This Wood Stork was standing in the middle of these Black Vultures. We just wondered what the Wood Stork was doing.


Lord of the Vultures
Lord of the Vultures


We nicknamed him – “Lord of the Vulures”. Notice some of the Vultures speaking their mind or maybe they were chanting. Maybe Wood Stork is having an identity crisis.


A Beauty and the not-so-pretty.
A Beauty and the not-so-pretty.


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~Photos of the Day `11/12/2014` – Wood Stork Searching for Breakfast~

Location: Myakka River State Park, Sarasota, Florida

This morning the Myakka River was filled with birds searching for breakfast. This Wood Stork was fun to watch as she hunted for a morsel. She turned up a good sized fish, which took her a few minutes to get down.


Wood Stork Searching for Breakfast
Wood Stork Searching for Breakfast (a little Pied-bill looking on)


Pied-billed Grebe
Pied-billed Grebe (photo taken 11/09/2014)


"Got something?"
“Got something?”


"I finally got one!"
“I finally got one!”


It was a big fish. She almost has it down.
It was a big fish. She almost has it down.
"Yummy, whats for lunch?"
“Yummy, whats for lunch?”


The photo below, of a Wood Stork, was taken last evening as the sun was setting over the Myakka River.

"See you later"
“See you later”


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