Time Marches On…..

On this day ten years ago, I turned 50.  No big deal! 

Today, I turned 60 and this one seems like a bigger deal!

Why, has sixty been much more emotional for me; another decade gone perhaps?

I will give it more though and see what answers I come up with.

Not complaining, I have enjoyed every single year and hopefully I will continue to enjoy each and every year going forward.

But my gosh – 60!

I keep telling myself:  “Get over it, no big deal.” 

Until I figure this out, I will try to keep my head on straight!

"I'll try to keep my head on straight!" (photo taken on the beach Hobe Sound, FL)
“I’ll try to keep my head on straight!”
(photo taken on the beach Hobe Sound, FL)

Do you have a particular birthday that seemed somewhat upsetting for you?

4 thoughts on “Time Marches On…..”

  1. Happy birthday Sheila and may I say you look fabulous! I knew we had some kind of connection for it is my 57th birthday today! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to you LuAnn! Hoping you have a joyful day. Wishing you and family best wishes and many, many more birthday celebrations!

    Enjoy the remaining fifties, the sixties are sneaky and will get ya!

    August is a big month for us 4th (my b’day), 9th (our anniversary), 24th (Howard’ b’day).

    1. Thank you! Wishing you an early Happy Birthday. Yes, 50 is a big one! I guess these decade birthdays, for some reason, seem more sufficient than others! Enjoy your fifties, I believe they are the best!

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