Poetry~Branded Egotism~


Once my bark, reflected beauty,

smooth, strong and pretty.


Pride felt, standing in my meadow,

providing food, shade for many a fellow. 


My branches, a home to countless lives,

birds build nests and thrive. 


Now ugly and scarred, as you can see,

slowly dying, deep inside. 


On to my being, egos branded,

why people feel the need, let’s be candid.


They can’t just look upon my existence,

admiring my purpose from a distance.


With assault complete, they leave,

a piece of my soul, bereaved.

By Sheila: September 9, 2013

Look closely at this Aspen Tree and you will see how many times people have carved their initials, their names and even statements in to the bark. To me this is sad.

I took this photo on September 5, 2013.


6 thoughts on “Poetry~Branded Egotism~”

  1. I agree too! The aspens have become my favorite tree this year. I am so saddened that everywhere we go, they are scarred by carvings from people that just don’t get it. I have taken many pictures of them…your poem says it all!

    1. Hi Gay, I am glad the Aspens have become your favorite tree. I have always loved trees. When I was a kid, I would climb up in a neighbor’s tree, it had the perfect cradle branch and with a book in hand I would read the day a way.

      As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting! You should post some of your Aspen photos!

  2. Sheila ~ Now THIS is one that should be entered in any and every wildlife/nature competition (with the poem)! People truly need to think about what the are doing to these beautiful trees! Incredibly sad. Perhaps to the SIERRA Magazine and more?!

    I’ll see you at your place at 11:30 tomorrow. Looking forward to it my dear friend! Luv & Hugs ~ Gale

    1. Yes, it is sad! Why people do this, I just don’t understand. Fun day yesterday, glad we got to celebrate YOUR birthday! Heard today that Marianna Butte had some flooding. Thanks again for the “Everybirdy Welcome” that was so very sweet of you!!

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