~WolfSong Blog Thanks You~

wolfsong blog thanks you, plenty

for all the likes of many


verses, poems and a photo or two (grins)

I enjoy posting these, who knew


with errors made, I promise to do better

posts too long, I’ll cut the chatter


first followers, you hold a special place in my heart

followers of new, I will visit you


friendships established, we have something in common

shared with a simple post or two


thanks are stopping by,

wolfsong blog welcomes you


By Sheila: September 11, 2013

Lilac Beauty
Lilac Beauty just for you!

6 thoughts on “~WolfSong Blog Thanks You~”

    1. Hi Gay, thanks for writing! We are experiencing some very rainy days here in northern Colorado. Very lovely, we needed it so much. Hope you are enjoying your days in Durango!

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