16 thoughts on “~when nature plays her music~”

  1. Aww, Cubby thanks so much! I love your addition “immortalized”!

    I enjoy reading your blog when you and your friend write poetry back and forth in your replies! Probably so fast; It is amazing! I need to go out to Bastet’s blog!

    Talk with you soon!

    1. Thank you Hans! Since I am so new to amateur photography, I read a lot about the subject. I remember reading, don’t throw images away too soon. Go back and revisit them.

      This is what happened with this photo. I was looking through photos, I took one year ago and found this one. Through, one more year of personal growth, I saw this image with new perspective. I liked it!

      Thanks for taking the time to brighten my day with a few words of encouragement. Heartfelt! 😉

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