7 thoughts on “~transitional~”

  1. Thank you Cubby! Always welcome your comments! I am sitting here, drinking coffee, looking out over the city , from the comfort of inside, and it looks like winter. Dark, rain clouds and the wind is blowing. Hopefully, all the neighborhood cottonwoods will start to change colors and it will look like autumn.

    1. Thank you Hans!

      The colors of autumn are my favorite! I bet people would never guess! I love warm, earth tone colors; they are bright and cheery as well!.

  2. The colors of Autumn are my favorite too…there are so many shades of orange, yellows , golds and reds and they just seem to blend so beautifully! It’s my favorite time of year!

    Your photo is so pretty!

  3. Hi Gay! Are you seeing plenty, beautiful, golden colors? Are ya’ll still in NM? I was sure hoping to get back up to Rocky, before we leave for the winter, but with the flood it doesn’t look like that will happen. 😦

    Talk with you soon!

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