The Backbone…..

The Valley
The Valley

On September 24, 2013,

My neighbor Shari, invited me to go with her on a hike to the Devil’s Backbone Open Space area.  The Backbone, as locals call this area, is located less than a mile to the west of us.

It is a gorgeous, 2,198 acre, open space area with jetting flatiron formations, and valleys filled with varied grasses, lichen covered rocks and prickly pear cacti. The trail system accommodates hikers, bikers and horseback riders.

In the morning we are heading out again on a hike, this time we are planning to go a little further down the trail. It is getting cooler here in northern Colorado so hopefully we won’t have to worry as much about the Rattlesnakes.

Tomorrow will be chilly, so I hope the Rattlesnakes are listening to the forecasters and planning to stay “under a rock!”

Here are a few scenes from our hike on Tuesday:

Early Morning Sunlight
Early Morning Sunlight
The Trail
The Trail
Fields of Grasses
The Grasses
The Backbone
The Backbone

5 thoughts on “The Backbone…..”

    1. Cubby, it is so very peaceful back there. I wanted to go hike the trails again this morning, but rain prevented us from going. It has also been windy and “chilly”! Its coming

  1. I love the trails and open space in Northern CO. Southern CO could take notes. Winter is definitely around the corner 😦 Get in some more hiking before the snow starts flying!

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