16 thoughts on “~Photos of the Day~”

    1. Hi Cubby! Thanks so much! I always love your sweet and kind comments! Your words give me inspiration!

      We have had two cloudy, colder days here in Colorado. The night temps are getting into the upper 30’s! Time to leave!

      I have been thinking about one of your challenges. I am going to try another one here in a few days (when I get a few minutes, I mean hours 😉 ).

      I hope you are having a joyful weekend!

    1. Gay, as you know photography is so much fun. I can tell you love the hobby as much as I do, from seeing your beautiful photos. It is a joy when I can be outside taking photos of nature and her critters! Hope you are done with all the appointments! I have one left!

    1. Hi Ingrid! Sure looks like you are enjoying yourself in AZ! Loved the lunch photos! Thank you for your kind words!

      I now have two cameras. The Canon EOS Rebel T3 and the Canon EOS 70D.

      The last few days I have been trying to use my Tamron lens with the Canon 70D and its not working correctly. I few weeks back, I called Tamron to confirm that this lens would work on the new 70D and was told yes. This morning on a hike I took some photos and they did not come out right. Anyway, I need to place a few calls and see what adjustments need to take place on the camera. It might turn out that they are not compatible. I love this Tamron lens and might just have to use it on the Rebel T3. Today, I tried several Canon lens with the 70D and they seem to be working great!

      So, yesterday I was trying several lens with the two cameras. Don’t remember which is which without looking at the data. I did use my Macro lens on a few of the flower photos.

      I use Adobe Light Room to organize my photos to crop and adjust exposure. I really love this application! Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Your photos are beautiful! What equipment are you using?

      1. Thank you….I had a Canon Rebel with a Tamron lens years ago when I shot film. Now I just use a couple of point n shoot. Both are Panasonic Lumix….. DMC-ZS19 and FZ47. I’ve thought about investing in a DSLR but I’m a pretty lazy photographer these days. I use Picasa for cropping and don’t do much else to the photos but would like to expand my knowledge and improve. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy that my photos make your heart smile. We all need plenty of smiles!! 🙂

      I love to address people by they name when commenting; if okay I would like to use your first name.

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