SBS:~Northern Cardinal~

Sheila’s Bird Shots:~Northern Cardinal~

Northern Cardinal (female) - 03-22-2013 ~Bad Hair Day~
Northern Cardinal (female) – 03-22-2013
~Bad Hair Day~
Northern Cardinal (male) - 03-22-2013 ~Sunlit~
Northern Cardinal (male) – 03-22-2013
Northern Cardinal (male) - 03-22-2013 ~Swinging~
Northern Cardinal (male) – 03-22-2013
Northern Cardinal (female) – 03-22-2013
Northern Cardinal (female) - 02/19/2012
Northern Cardinal (female) – 02/19/2012
"Are you still there?"
“Are you still there?”
~Great, see you next time~

I went back to my archives, for these photos, of the Northern Cardinal. While camping at Stephen B. Austin State Park near Katy, Texas, earlier this year, we were entertained watching them swing on these vines. I can’t wait to see them again along our route heading south.

13 thoughts on “SBS:~Northern Cardinal~”

  1. Too Funny…bad hair day! Me, too! I missed my 10/4 appt. in FL but I don’t want to go anywhere else so it’s getting long and wild looking. Flights home arrived 11/5…..see you in FL!

    1. Karla, so glad to hear you are heading home! I bet you will be glad and so will Larry. I hope Mom is doing as well as can be expected. Can’t wait to see you guys. Love and hugs!

    1. Hi Barb! They are pretty special birds. Having grown up in Louisiana these guys were everywhere. They have such with beautiful songs. Their range doesn’t reach Colorado, so I only get to see them when traveling south. They sure were having fun on this day, landing on the long vines and swings around.

    1. Hi Cubby! Thank you for your sweet words. They were fun to watch and to photograph. We will be seeing them here in a few weeks, as our journey, takes us south for the winter. I hope you are having a week.

  2. Nice photos Sheila. The sunlight sure made them stand out! The last picture is funny! We had a feeder in our Georgia home backyard. Could sit for hours watching them.

    1. Hi Gay, thanks! We are getting close to leaving. I have one more appointment, one more doggie to get groomed, Rambling Rose needs cleaning and loading! Whew!
      I love to sit and watch these guys also!

    1. Hi LuAnn, Wonderful to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying your “on-the-road-again” adventures! We are planning to leave either the 26th or 27th. The Denver Broncos are playing on the 27th and we sure don’t want to get caught in the traffic!

      Enjoy the journey!

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