~A little privacy please!~


they perform a beautiful dance

to preserve their species for all to see

they sit as sentinels high in the trees 

and hunt for food out of the sea


I captured these photos while on our boat ride Saturday.

These are not sharp photos, but I show them to you so you can see a pair of Osprey doing what is necessary to preserve their species.  

"Thinking about it"
“Thinking about it”
"I'am coming to see you"
“I’am coming to see you”
In a hurry!
He appears to be in a hurry!
Like a beautiful dance!
A beautiful dance is performed!
Joy with success!
"I'll be back"
“I’ll be back”
She stayed in this position for several seconds. Why?
She appears grateful!
She stayed in this position for several seconds. Why?
"My job is complete"
“My job is complete”


This is a different Osprey pair from my previous post. This pair was further away and higher up.

Aren’t they beautiful?

6 thoughts on “~A little privacy please!~”

    1. Hi Barb, thank you. I hope you are having good weather or at least wether you can get out and about in! Back home in Loveland this week, it will be COLD and snowy. Kinda wish I was there!

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