just hanging around

trying to enjoy my day

what are you doing

Hanging around at the beach
Hanging around at the beach
Hanging down by the river
"I have my eye on you"
Hanging Loose among the Palmettos
This one is…
Hanging on to my Heart
Black-bellied Plover (winter)
Hanging with friends
Black-bellied Plover (winter)
Willet (winter)
Hanging around on one leg
Willet (winter)
Hanging by the shoreline
Hanging around to catch a bite
“I’ll start here”
“Got a running start”
No longer hanging, running
(I love these guys)
Hanging around for high tide
Coral Cove
Hanging around for Sunset
Low hanging clouds
Hanging around Coral Cove with the wife
Hanging around hoping to capture a few photos
Trying to hide
“I’am not hanging, I’am trying to hide”

A fun time just hanging around Coral Cove Beach in Jupiter, Florida, which is just a few miles from Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

5 thoughts on “~Hanging~”

  1. Beautiful; we said this week we need to book time at Jonathon Dickson during your Fall 2014 return; I want to walk that beach with you (4) See you Wednesday!

    1. Hey there! We can’t wait to see you and Larry Wednesday. It will be fun! It will also be fun to spend time at Lake Louisa with everybody! Heard from Carole the other day as they were finally able to leave Texas; hope they are in Florida now.

      We are winding down our time here in Hobe Sound; tomorrow with be pack-up and check systems day, before heading out Wednesday morning.

      It looks like we will have warm weather in Orlando! See you soon, hugs!

  2. What a pretty post Sheila! I like your kind of hangin’ out. The beach there is quite scenic with all the rocks and oh how I miss the shore birds! Thanks !

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