10 thoughts on “~Shooting Macro – Flowers~”

  1. OK…now I know I really need to practice with the macro lens. The buds are beautiful. I like the effect of very in focus and not in focus.

    I have so many pictures of fences. I have been drawn to them for years. And the Summer Tanager is an absolute beauty. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see one in person.

    We are fine here in Moab. It has been really busy! Friends from Belgium who we met here last year flew in for a visit and also, fellow bloggers Pam and Vic from The Big EZ are here. Thank you so much for checking up on us. I hope to get a post written soon…

    1. Gay, glad you are doing well and keeping busy with friends! I haven’t seen your posts on any of the blogs, just wondered how you guys were.

      You should post some of your fence photos to “Good Fences”. It is fun to do.

      Got out the Macro lens, which I so enjoy and took a few shots. It rained here today and after the rain let up I went out with the Macro lens again. Fun!

  2. The Speedwell flowers and blooms are spectacular! So floriferous. I have tiny ones blooming in my grass, but the tall one will take a while.

    1. Hi Hannah, I love the Speedwell Flowers! I can’t wait, each spring, until they bloom. My plants are old and each year they come back. Thanks for stopping by. I just posted on your beautiful blog!

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