~Shooting Macro-After a Lovely Rain~

A Haiku


a lovely rain shower

leaving droplets on petals

refreshing for all


Inside of an Iris
Inside of an Iris


Coral Bells
Tiny and delicate, Coral Bells


Dianthus Flowers, after a rain




Dianthus Flower
A Single Dianthus


Coral Bells
Another, Coral Bell


Coral Bell Leaf, after a rain
Coral Bell Leaf

What a fun time to go out into the yard, right after a nice rain shower. We have had a lot of rain this spring, which is a little unusual for Northern Colorado. I’am not complaining, just enjoying. The little Columbine sits just under the eve of our upper deck so didn’t get rained on.

Photos taken May 26, 2014. Canon EOS 70D, Canon Macro EF-S 60mm



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10 thoughts on “~Shooting Macro-After a Lovely Rain~”

  1. Oh I can just smell the refreshing rain…beautiful pictures Sheila. I especially liked the single Dianthus. Thanks for the motivation to get the macro out and explore!

    1. Kissed with rain – that is lovely. You are so good with words! Glad you enjoyed these. We are leaving home at the end of June heading to the Oregon Coast for a few weeks, so I didn’t want to plant any more flowers. I can’t count on them getting enough water. I so love planting my flowers in the Spring. ;-(
      At least I have my trusty perennials! Hopefully they will survive!

      1. Have a wonderful time on the coast. I don’t blame you for not planting, we are leaving for Northern Minnesota next week, just for three days, fear they might succumb to the elements😂😂🙋🙋

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