~Today’s Feathered Friend-Color me Indigo~

A Tanka


unique in color,

depending on how the sun,

shines its light on him,

a deep blue to purple sheen,

is how seen, his name Bunting


What a beautiful bird!
What a beautiful little bird measuring only 5 1/4 to 5 3/4 inches


 Today’s Feathered Friend:

Indigo Bunting



`deep-colored bright blue overall (breeding plumage)

`only North American small finch to appear blue all over

`blue-purple head

`dark blue to black lores

`blue edging to blackish wings and tail

`dark gray conical bill


`plain, but beautiful brown

`two tawny buff wing bars

`short, gray, conical bill

`blue-edged feathers on wings and tail


`populations are expanding with the creation of disturbed habitat after logging, highway and power line    construction and from farmland abandonment (yeah to expanding)

`likes forest edges, roadsides, hedges, dry brush lands, orchards, open woods, creeks and rivers

`eats grasshoppers, beetles, weevils, aphids, cicadas, cankerworms, span worms, flies, dandelion seeds, aster, thistle, grasses, grains, berries and more

`nests in raspberry and other shrubs

`song is a sweet-sweet, where-where, here-here, see-it/see-it (pretty melody)

`many are killed, while migrating at night, striking power lines and tall buildings (wind farms next?)

`neotropical migrant, flight speed measured at 20 m.p.h

`common hosts to cowbird parasitism 😦


Indigo Bunting taking a bath
Deep blue with purple sheen on head


Splish-Splash I'am taking a bath
“Splish-Splash I’am taking a bath”


**If  you want to learn more about the Indigo Bunting, please go to The Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds, Smithsonian Handbooks, Birds of North America and Stokes Field Guide to Birds. I used these sources for my information.

Artsy background highlighting a beautiful Indigo Bunting
Artsy background highlighting a beautiful Indigo Bunting (I played with the background in this photo.)


Added to my Birding Life List

on o7/12/88

Sky Rocket Road, Loveland, Colorado

(with my amazing birding mentor- Ann Means)


 Photos taken at South Llano River State Park in April of 2014 while sitting in a bird blind. I was using my Canon 70D with Canon EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 lens (no stabilization).




Paying-Ready-Attention (Wild Bird Wednesday)


Prairie Birder (Feathers on Friday)















22 thoughts on “~Today’s Feathered Friend-Color me Indigo~”

  1. Beautiful, Sheila. I have never seen one in the wild, but my mother-in-law, who lives in the next city over, saw one at her feeder. She is an avid bird watcher and she said she’s never had one at her feeder….she was so thrilled to see one, so pretty

    1. Barb, I am so glad your MIL has seen them and hopefully you will as well. We will make a bird watcher out of you as well – 😉

    1. Beth, thanks! I saw my very first Painted Bunting this past April while at South Llano State Park. I was so excited, I have a couple of shake shots, because I couldn’t hold still. I hope you will see an Indigo soon. It must be fun to have the Painted Bunting around all the time. They are so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Charlotte! I enjoy your site so much. I hope you continue your love of birds and can achieve a career in Ornithology!
      I am excited for you.

  2. Splendid looking bird – and its a bit of a double edged sword as to why it is expanding – both good and bad in that story! Welcome to WBW!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: I’m not sure I can see you link on my page!

    1. Stewart, I agree with you on the double edged sword as to why the Indigo Bunting is expanding. It is a tragedy that the small family farms are disappearing across America and so much building. I didn’t make the deadline this week to add my link.

      I enjoy your site very much and just recently discovered your blog; enjoy seeing all the birding/birders out there. Thanks are hosting the WBW! Sheila

    1. Hi LuAnn! It is always fun for people to enjoy the learning part. So very glad you enjoy these type of posts. I wonder sometimes if people enjoy them or not. Thanks for saying. There are so many fabulous birding sites! I learn something new all the time!

  3. Sheila, what a gorgeous little bird you’ve shared with us today. I like the idea that it appears different in color depending on the lighting.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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