~whimsical wednesday, light~


Light shines through the eyes,

to reveal the soul within.

Light lifts the spirit,

bringing joy into the heart.

Light fills our life,

when it filters into the day.


Light in the eye of a little Squirrel
Light shines into the eyes


Light shines into the heart of an Eastern Bluebird
Light reveals the soul


Light lifts the spirit
Light lifts the spirit


Light helps dry my wings
Light eases our burdens


Light shows me the way
Light shows us the way


Light makes me feel pretty
Light makes us feel pretty


Light sometimes confuses us
Light sometimes confuses us


Light brightens our day
Light brightens our life


Light filters into our day
Light filters into our day


Light of my life
Light shines through the eyes! (The light and love of my life)


The Love and Light of my heart
The light in these two souls, brings us both great joy!


May Light and Love fill all your days.





7 thoughts on “~whimsical wednesday, light~”

    1. Hi LuAnn! Thank you very much. I am glad you stopped by, I always enjoy hearing from you. It looks like, from your last post, you are enjoying your time near DC! Beautiful photos and post! Enjoy all your days.

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