~Today’s Feathered Friend-Gone Crabbing~

Western Gull

Western Gull
Western Gull looking for dinner in the surf of the Pacific Ocean
Got a crab!
He keep dropping this crab in the ocean and picking it up again.
He keep dropping this crab in the ocean and picking it up again
“I think I will go eat it now!”
Can just make out the crab leg
Can just make out a crab leg

Photos taken, August 3, 2014, while we were staying at Fort Steven’s State Park in Astoria, Oregon.


Joining Stewart at http://paying-ready-attention-gallery.blogspot.com/2014/09/wild-bird-wednesday-112-kittiwake-black.html


Happy Birding!




22 thoughts on “~Today’s Feathered Friend-Gone Crabbing~”

  1. I can’t wait for Ft. DeSoto “reunion” with you and Howard. It will be a warm ocean setting! I think we should rent canoes and take their “trail” where you can really see our feathered friends. Your photos of the Western Gull are great! Ft Steven’s is very special; So from one Coast then we will meet up again at another Coast. Life is Good! 🙂 K

    1. Life is good! I sure hope you guys got to see the sunset on the Snake River last night! When we were there, we sat for the longest time and just watched the color changes! Hope you left W2 with a happy heart! I can’t wait for our “reunion” and spending time at Fort DeSoto! From the photos, taken by “Friends of Fort DeSoto” and placed on FB, it will be awesome! Travel safe and have fun along the way.

  2. Way to go, Seagull! Great series! Am working on drawings of seagull juvies for my new quilt… will send pictures as they progress. Have a wonderful visit in Astoria, one of my favorite places!
    Happy trails to you and =<3

    1. Can’t wait to see your quilt photos! Astoria was a fun place to visit. We enjoyed sitting at the bar at the Rouge Brewery, sampling beer, talking to the other bar stool occupants and eating a delicious meal! We also enjoyed watching a Lewis & Clark solider fire his musket!

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