2 thoughts on “~Visiting Feathered Friends~”

    1. Hi Ingrid, I had to look up St Vrain State Park on the web. I have never been there ; it looks like a beautiful place. I sure hope you get to see and capture a lot of birds. It should be fun and I hope the weather cooperates. We will have to plan some kind of birding adventure together, perhaps next summer or fall. We are getting things ready here to head out a month early, because of a family member wedding in Florida. Since we were gone during the summer, things are taking place in a short period of time. We ordered a new windshield for the coach, passenger side and hopefully it will arrive in a few days. I went to the dermatologist today and had a “body scan” LOL. Had several spots frozen off, boy that can sure hurt!

      Did you spend anytime up in Rocky? I wanted to see the fall colors! Have fun!!

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