~The Explorer and The Lagger!

Our two hikers….

The Explorer and The Lagger
The Explorer and The Lagger

One is an explorer, always ready for a hike, loves to go down any trail, loves to go down anything that looks like a trail, remembers the ones she had been down and wants to go down the path when she passes it again. When The Explorer feels she hasn’t explored enough and we try to turn around, she stubbornly refuses to head back.

The other, I affectionally call the lagger. She lags behind, well, because she is basically lazy and spoiled! But, man can she travel fast when, I say:  “okay, lets go back”! She trots full speed ahead and wants to be in the lead. Howard and I look at each other and just laugh.

I dearly love my pack and enjoy every step taken with them by my side.

Can you tell which one is the Explorer and which one is the Lagger?


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Saturday's Critters
Saturday’s Critters







20 thoughts on “~The Explorer and The Lagger!”

  1. Cute, your Explorer and the Lagger are both adorable.. Great shot! Thank you for linking up and sharing your critter post.. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Pam! They both enjoy going, it just takes the little one longer to get in the groove! Yes, just like children! Hope ya’ll are enjoying some nice hikes!

    1. They are the best of friends and a tad competitive with each other at times. They do love their walks! Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

    1. Hi Theresa! I hope to have a “Good Fences” post this Thursday! We are staying at a campground that also accommodates horses. I took a photo of a funny looking fence! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi Margaret! Looking at the photo you would think that the Explorer is the little one on the right, but nope she is the lazy one! ;-). After our hike and they loaded up, Howard went looking for a garbage can. Skye River is watching her “Dad” to see where he is going. It was so cute, I snapped the photo. Thanks for stopping by and come visit again.

    1. Hey Felicia! I hope you are having a great Saturday. The little one sure has everyone fooled. Our Sibi girl is the Explorer. I also call her the Watcher, she watches everything. Sometimes, when she wants to see what we are doing, she won’t turn her head toward us, she just moves her eye! The little one is the Worrier, she notices moods, can read body language and doesn’t like it if one of her pack is missing. All good!

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