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~A Joy in Life…


To share your life,

with a friend,

is pure joy.

Especially a  four-legged one,

because they will always,

give you unconditional love.

A happy Kloudy
Kloudy, with love in her heart.
Skye River, pure devotion.
Skye when she was a puppy
Kloudy taking a snooze.
Skye River cooling off.


Love them every day!

~Carolina Chickadee gathering nesting material

Photo taken in South Llano State Park

Junction, Texas-March, 2017


Carolina Chickadee

Our Keeshond has lots of fur, so I try to brush her often. While camped at South Llano State Park a few days ago, I got our her brushes.

After I was finished brushing Skye, I placed several clumps of her fur in the surrounding trees near our RV site. It is almost spring and I noticed the birds were starting to gather materials for nest building. What better nest material than thick, soft doggie fur?

It didn’t take long for the birds¬†to find Skye’s present. With amusement,¬†I sat back and watched this Carolina Chickadee¬†pull apart a¬†ball of fur and fly off with¬†it toward a distant tree. Perfect!


Skye likes to share!





~The Explorer and The Lagger!

Our two hikers….

The Explorer and The Lagger
The Explorer and The Lagger

One is an explorer, always ready for a hike, loves to go down any trail, loves to go down anything that looks like a trail, remembers the ones she had been down and wants to go down the path¬†when she passes it again. When The Explorer¬†feels¬†she hasn’t explored¬†enough and we try to turn around, she stubbornly refuses to head¬†back.

The other, I affectionally call the lagger. She lags behind, well, because she is basically lazy and spoiled! But, man can she travel fast when, I say: ¬†“okay, lets go back”! She trots full speed ahead and wants to be in the lead. Howard and I look at each other and just laugh.

I dearly love my pack and enjoy every step taken with them by my side.

Can you tell which one is the Explorer and which one is the Lagger?


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Saturday's Critters
Saturday’s Critters







~Please be aware of dogs off leash. Skye is attacked. She is okay!~


It was going to be a fun Sunday. Several days ago we purchased tickets to see a performance at our locat Budweiser Event Center. Cirque Du Soleil, Varekai was performing in Loveland!

We have seen most of the Cirque Du Soleil performances and truly enjoy them. We decided we would go to the Sunday show at 1:30pm.

On Sunday morning we woke up and decided after coffee and a walk we would have brunch at our favorite local restaurant called The Egg and I. They have excellent food and we love going there. After brunch we would then head over to the Event Center a little early and watch the arena fill up with people. People watching can be fun.

After we had our coffee we set off to enjoy our morning walk with our two “girls”. We have been walking our dogs, on this hill where we live, since March of 1987. Skye, the Keeshond is going to be nine and Kloud, the Siberian is going to be ten. They have enjoyed daily walks for all these years. All of our previous best friends have enjoyed our daily walks in this¬†neighborhood as well.

We were calmly walking along enjoying the morning when we noticed a big, black dog in front of us. The dog spotted us and charged, attacking Skye. No hesitation from the black dog, full out run and attack. It all happened so fast.

Skye is crying as the black dog is biting her on her back and side, Kloud is howling, I am screaming and Howard is trying to hold on to Kloud while going after the black dog. I am on the ground grabbing for Skye and trying to get her out from under the black dog. Howard grabs the dog by its collar and is pulling with all his might. Finally, he manages to get the dog off of Skye as I continue to grab for her. Finally she is in my arms, still crying, as I try to calm her down and see if she is hurt.

We were both so upset that our sweet girl, that doesn’t have a single vicious bone in her body is attached. We are dazed and become angry. Nothing like this has ever happened to us before. This family has had another dog that attacked and seriously injured a neighbor and¬†their dog. The big, black dog is one of five the owners currently have.

Our friends and neighbors that live diagonally across the street from the people that have the black dog heard the screams and came running outside. I thank them so very much for assisting us. Howard was banged up, injuring both knees and suffered a sore shoulder from pulling at the dog. They brought out supplies for Howard to attend to his wounds. They, after we requested, called the Animal Control office for us and an officer came out a little later.

In the meantime, I take¬†Skye and Kloud back up the hill to our house to put them inside and Howard stayed holding on to the dog and waiting for the officer to arrive. I didn’t have my house key, but put Skye and Kloud on our enclosed deck and told them to use the doggie door to go inside. I wanted to drive back down to see if Howard was okay. I didn’t have my car keys, but remember our next door neighbors had a key to our house. I ran over to their house and asked for the key or garage door opener. They realized I was upset and offered to drive me around to where Howard was. I thank them so very much!

Arriving back at the scene, I saw that Howard was okay just banged up and still holding the dog by its collar. Finally, I get his house key and go back home to check Skye. She had appeared to be okay as I walked them home, literally wanting to run back to our house.

I cut away some of Skye’s fur so I could clean the area around what I thought was the only two puncture wounds she had, I used Peroxide. The animal control officer told us when he came to our house to put Neosperin on the wounds, which we did. ¬†I also gave her an 81mg baby aspirin.

It turned out to be a difficult time for Howard, at the scene, when the lady that owns the dog pulled into her driveway, as he was talking to the Animal Control Officer that had arrived. No remorse, on her part, for what happened and that it was all our fault. I will just leave it there.

We had to fill out paper work when the Animal Control Officer came to our house. He took our statements, took photos of Skye, Howard’s injuries and my scrapes. As of now we have not heard anything else from him.

Monday morning we called our vet and took Slye in to be examined. We wanted to make sure she was okay. The vet cleaned the wounded area and shaved fur in order to get a clear picture of the extent of her wounds. We were horrified when Skye came back into the room. She was bitten in several places and she was so bruised and very swollen. She was prescribed three meds and we were instructed to keep giving her a baby aspirin for five days.

I had make the mistake of giving her the aspirin, because the vet could not give her anything stronger as it would react with the aspirin. I leaned continued use of aspirin in dogs will result with injury to their stomach.

Our vet also gave us the name of a gel that would help with the¬†bruising. It is called Arnica Gel and I put it on Skye’s injuries three times a day.

I write this to warn others that have dogs. Beware of dogs off leash and even dogs being walked on a leash. Our love for dogs, especially for me, reduces my fear of other dogs and it¬†shouldn’t. Howard has been more alert at the possible danger than I have¬†been. Not anymore! Very sad, but necessary. We will, from now on, carry something to defend ourselves and our beloved dogs.

Please be on alert, it can happen so fast. I know all of you probably are, but just be extra careful.

Our situation could have resulted in a more horrific result, Skye being severely injured, Howard and I could have been bitten or badly injured.

Skye is sore, but doing well!

Skye's injuries
Skye’s injuries

~Gone to the Dogs~

A  few photos, prior to us leaving Colorado

Skye at the Colorado City KOA
Skye at the Colorado City KOA

I wonder what she is intently watching?



Kloud at the Colorado City KOA
Kloud at the Colorado City KOA

I think Kloud was watching her new friend.



Skye and Kloud meet a friend.
Skye and Kloud meet a friend.

I don’t know the name of Skye and Kloud’s new friend, but he sure was a photogenic guy!



Rest Area in Trinidad, Colorado
Rest Area in Trinidad, Colorado

Our last stop in Colorado before heading over Raton Pass.



Leaving Beautiful, Colorful Colorado
Leaving Beautiful, Colorful Colorado

Colorado flag waving in the breeze


“Enjoy your journey¬†wherever you are”