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~Skye River


A name was chosen for a little ball of fur,

It was perfect, it fit,

She was brilliant, just like the River In the Sky,

Her name was Skye River,

Always by my side,

She was my light, my joy,

Skye has returned to the River in the Sky,

She will always be in my heart and by my side,

My shadow, my best friend, my sugar buddy.

No words can express the pain of loss,

She was loved, she was treasured,

It hurts, it just hurts


Skye River –¬†11/06/2005 – 10/17/2019

My Sweet Skye River
Syke River my Sugar Buddy
She was a happy girl!
Skye River, thanks for coming into my life. I love you.

~Hopefully, her beautiful spirit will meet another beautiful soul, her sister Kloudy.

Kloudy – 10/07/2004 – 02/20/2017

Kloud, the big sister, sweet and gentle.
Always a happy girl. She brought joy into our lives.
Kloud. She was always ready for an adventure. The explorer of the pack.

~Together they will once again be together. They will play and be free of pain. Free of cancer they both suffered from.

They loved each other and we loved them
My best buddies!
Both deeply loved.

They loved us.


~I’am a Cancer Survivor

This morning we took Kloud to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for her fourth and final chemo treatment. We left her in good hands. The Veterinarian staff began her treatment with an ultra-sound, a chest x-ray and blood work.
We waited nervously and patiently for the phone call telling us what they discovered. The call came a couple of hours later. Cloud’s ultra-sound and chest x-ray were clear, good, fine…….
The blood work indicated a slightly low white blood cell count, but they decided to go ahead with the chemo treatment.
We picked her up a short time ago. Kloud pranced out of the Oncology Department wearing the CSU green “I’am a Cancer Survivor” bandana! It was a very happy moment.
Hugs all around! The Vet and Staff that were assigned to her, even had tears in their eyes.

Nothing but praise for the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and all their passionate and dedicated staff!!

A little tired from her experience today. But, happy to be home enjoying the cool, fresh air from her favorite observation place. She sits on her deck looking out over Loveland.
Our beautiful, cancer free, eleven year old!

A little tired from her experience today, but happy to be home enjoying the cool, fresh air from her favorite  place.

She sits on her deck looking out over Loveland and we hope for many more years!

~Remember me, the Explorer?

“Hi, remember me? Yawl probably know me from my¬†nickname “The Explorer”. My Mom asked me to write asking for your thoughts and prayers. In the morning I am scheduled for surgery. I have a big, scary problem. It isn’t easy sharing with you, but maybe my experience will help my friends.
I have a tumor in my, oh well here goes, rectum. I am having such a hard time going. I try and try, but nothing. Sometimes, after a long walk I can. Whew! 
Monday, I went to my regular vet and let me tell you, she adores me! She had Sibi’s just like me, and she gives me lots of hugs and a few treats. She told me it would be best to go see another doc. So she sent me to another place, a world renowned place that takes care of doggies, cats, horses, cows, everything!
Let me tell you this place is so big it is scary with lots of people running here and there.  I am use to things being a lot more quiet. I think this place is called CSU Vet Teaching Hospital, have you heard of it? My vet here decided I can have surgery hoping it will help me poop better and you should have seen my Mom and Dad, they were so happy to hear this news.
Me, not so happy. I have to stay here overnight to¬†have two tests. One to check my chest, why I don’t know, and the other to check my butt. So if all goes well with these tests tonight and there aren’t any emergencies in the morning, like one of my friends coming in hurt, I will get fixed up. I sure am hoping that I get all better and won’t have to worry about going any more. I really just want to go home.¬†
Lately, I have been getting lots more hugs, I sure do get a lot everyday, but I have been getting extra these last few days. Yesterday, Mom and Dad took me to one of my favorite places. A place where water shoots up in the air. I love to run and try to grab a drink before the water goes away. Where does it go, I wonder? Anyway, I get a big kick out chasing the water spout. I get all wet and have to shake before my parents let me get back into the car. It feels so good! My Mom even missed Pickleball to stay home with me, she must really love me!
It is lonely here tonight in the hospital and I miss my sister, Dad and Mom. I’am a little scared, maybe more than a little. I sure hope I get to go home soon. Think of me in the morning okay and I will send you my special doggie kisses.
Oh wait, I have more news. I just overheard my 3rd year attending resident talking to my Dad. She was giving him the results of my two tests. I think from what I heard that one was good and one was not so good.
The chest X-ray showed no problems. The sonogram showed some interesting things. What the vet felt during my exam, which he thought were enlarged lymph nodes, is a mass filled with fluid, on the outside of my bladder and my liver is enlarged.
I could tell, from the conversation, my Mom and Dad were upset. I want to tell them that things will be okay! They will remove the liquid filled mass along with the rectal tumor and I will be fine.
I also heard her say I am going to get to eat in a few minutes, I think I am getting hungry, its past my dinner time!”
Oh, here I am at the water park:
Kloud, having a great time!
Kloud, having a great time!
"Where did it go?"
“Where did it go?”


~The Explorer and The Lagger!

Our two hikers….

The Explorer and The Lagger
The Explorer and The Lagger

One is an explorer, always ready for a hike, loves to go down any trail, loves to go down anything that looks like a trail, remembers the ones she had been down and wants to go down the path¬†when she passes it again. When The Explorer¬†feels¬†she hasn’t explored¬†enough and we try to turn around, she stubbornly refuses to head¬†back.

The other, I affectionally call the lagger. She lags behind, well, because she is basically lazy and spoiled! But, man can she travel fast when, I say: ¬†“okay, lets go back”! She trots full speed ahead and wants to be in the lead. Howard and I look at each other and just laugh.

I dearly love my pack and enjoy every step taken with them by my side.

Can you tell which one is the Explorer and which one is the Lagger?


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Saturday's Critters
Saturday’s Critters







~Gone to the Dogs~

A  few photos, prior to us leaving Colorado

Skye at the Colorado City KOA
Skye at the Colorado City KOA

I wonder what she is intently watching?



Kloud at the Colorado City KOA
Kloud at the Colorado City KOA

I think Kloud was watching her new friend.



Skye and Kloud meet a friend.
Skye and Kloud meet a friend.

I don’t know the name of Skye and Kloud’s new friend, but he sure was a photogenic guy!



Rest Area in Trinidad, Colorado
Rest Area in Trinidad, Colorado

Our last stop in Colorado before heading over Raton Pass.



Leaving Beautiful, Colorful Colorado
Leaving Beautiful, Colorful Colorado

Colorado flag waving in the breeze


“Enjoy your journey¬†wherever you are”