~Bird Life at the Beach-Sanderling~

Sanderling are tiny little beings, some just call them “peeps”,

seen running on the beach, toward the rolling surf,

feeding in the seconds, before a breaking wave, 

then retreating fast, toward the shore,

living in the pull, of the seas’ ebb and flow,

surviving the hardships of their life’s dance,

 usually not given a second glance.

The waves go out; time to eat.
feeding in the seconds, before a breaking wave
Waves roll in, time to run.
then retreating fast, toward the shore
surviving the hardships of their life's dance
surviving the hardships of their life’s dance


Sharing with Stewart at Wild Bird Wednesday



Until next time…


14 thoughts on “~Bird Life at the Beach-Sanderling~”

    1. Veronica, I sure hope you get to see one and all the other wonderful, beautiful and entertaining shorebirds! Thanks for your comment! Hope to chat with you again soon.

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