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~Ring-billed Gull and Friends~

a stroll 

on the beach

never disappoints

intensifies the senses

hearing, smell

touch and sight

a delight

Ring-billed Gull and a Ruddy Turnstone
Ring-billed Gull and a Ruddy Turnstone (winter)
"No Chance"
“No Chance”
"I'am outta here"
“I’am outta here”
Mine, mine no mine!
Mine, mine no mine!
Ring-billed Gull, first winter
Ring-billed Gull, first winter

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"Come soar with me!"
“Come soar with me!”

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~Great Black-backed Gull~

prints in the sand

gives a hint of what I am

two legged or four

may reveal shape, size, weight

who I am, remains a secret

Gull prints in the sand
Prints in the sand 
Fishing, a common bond
Fishing, a common bond
Great Black-backed gull
Great Black-backed gull

There is no mistaking the identity of this gull, it is the largest in the world. It stands about 16 to 32 inches and weights about 64oz. Leg color, pale pink; eye color, pale yellow; bill color, yellow with red on lower mandible; back and wings, black.

The gull, in my photos above, is at least four years old, because it takes that long for it to transition to the dark, black back.

The Great Black-backed Gull is one of many bird species whose feathers were used for fashionable clothing in the 1800s. After the demise of the feather trade in the early 1900s, Great Black-backed Gull populations increased and spread farther south. Garbage dumps and other sources of human refuse have contributed to their range expansion.


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Follow my Prints
Follow my Prints


~Bird Life at the Beach-Sanderling~

Sanderling are tiny little beings,¬†some¬†just call them “peeps”,

seen running on the beach, toward the rolling surf,

feeding in the seconds, before a breaking wave, 

then retreating fast, toward the shore,

living¬†in the¬†pull,¬†of the seas’¬†ebb¬†and flow,

surviving¬†the¬†hardships¬†of their life’s dance,

 usually not given a second glance.

The waves go out; time to eat.
feeding in the seconds, before a breaking wave
Waves roll in, time to run.
then retreating fast, toward the shore
surviving the hardships of their life's dance
surviving the hardships of their life’s dance


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~Bird Life at the Beach-Royal Tern~

Hobe  Sound, Florida Beach
Hobe Sound, Florida Beach

A few days ago, I spent a few hours walking on the beach at Hobe Sound, Florida. I ¬†couldn’t wait to sink my toes into the warm sand.

Happiness is feeling the ocean breeze on my skin; the sight of the sky, water and sand as they kiss each other in harmony; and observing the gorgeous shore birds as they search for food fighting against the power of this environment.

We have arrived back on the east coast of Florida staying at Jonathan Dickinson State Park near Hobe Sound, Florida. The beach at Hobe Sound is only four miles away from camp and I look forward to many more beach treks.

"You ate that already?"
“You ate that already?”
"Now you want more?"
“Now you want more?”
This Royal Tern said, "who put this thing on my leg?"
This Royal Tern said, “who put this thing on my leg?”


While hiking in Jonathan, I have had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Florida Scrub Jay!

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Great Black Backed Gull, Ring Billed Gull, Willet, Sanderling, Ruddy Turnstone and more


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~Love and A Tiny Bird Running to Survive~


sky so blue

sunlight casting soft hues

hand in hand, yours in mine

walking along the shoreline

my heart sings, we knew

I was the one for you


Footprints in the sand
Hobe Sound Beach
Hobe Sound Beach
A breathtaking shoreline


The Atlantic Ocean, changes color, almost instantly.

The sun and its light, play a lead part in determining these colors.

The weather plays a huge roll in creating its moods.

The wind, the master, shape the waves pounding the shore.

The rise and fall of the sea, caused by the effects of the moon and the sun (gravitational forces) create the tides. Its vibe!

All life, along the shoreline, are dependent on these forces, creating the right combination for existence.


A Sanderling, hunting for food along the shoreline and competing with dozens more that wanted the tiny morsel she was able to catch.

To me the out of focus¬†(with one tinted)¬†photos below, showcase the ocean’s vibe and its mighty forces.

Running from the surf
Hunting, running to survive

We have enjoyed the four mile drive to this beach, while visiting Hobe Sound, Florida. A breathtaking beach, quite, clean and teaming with life’s energy. Wednesday, we leave the¬†serenity of the ocean behind.

Run! Run to survive and enjoy each day!