~Great Egret~

 Great Egret in Breeding Plumage





During mating season when the Great Egrets start to build their nests, I wonder how they go about choosing just the right stick. It is so much fun to watch them hunting for, choosing and then delivering to their mate, just the right one. I took these photos at The Rookery at Smith Oaks, High Island, Texas.

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Keep Gathering!

Displaying its gorgeous feathers and looking over the nest.
Displaying its gorgeous feathers and looking over the nest.

8 thoughts on “~Great Egret~”

    1. Hi Pam! It is a lot of fun to watch the nesting process of these birds. We were a little early this year, but there were plenty birds already showing signs of nesting. The month of April will be very busy! There must have been 15 or so people, with their photography equipment, snapping away. People come from all over to witness this process. I would like to be there when the chicks hatch!

      1. So glad you are having sunny weather!! Do you plan a visit to South Llano State Park in Junction, Tx? It is about 60 west of Kerrville, TX. One of my very favorite places to bird!!!

    1. I have a monopod, but need a new tripod. I am looking up various brands. I want something sturdy and light. Let me know if you have one.

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