~Obsession and Neglect


An Obsession is,

tiring, stressful, addicting,



Neglect happens ,

when you are Obsessed,

no time for other things.


And, so it has gone lately with my Obsession to learn and play Pickleball; everything else has been Neglected.  I’am not kidding. I haven’t been this obsessed, with learning something new, since getting my cameras. The game is fun, great exercise, can be social and is extremely addicting.
It has been a few weeks since my introductory Pickleball class and since then I  have been playing whenever I get an opportunity.  Joining the Loveland Pickleball Club has helped me meet people that love the game and is a great resource.
This past Tuesday I played for the first time on an outdoor court, which I love. I have also driven to a nearby town that offers dedicated, beginner, indoor,  play. I have read a couple of books on the topic and have watched, more than a couple, videos. Played three times this week – so far.  Obsession! 
Not posting on my blog is where my Neglect comes in (I won’t mention what else I have neglected). I need to get outside, in between our unusual for Colorado, rain showers and thunderstorms, and take some photos so I can get back to posting.
As I sit at my desk and type this post, two Flood Alerts beeped their warning.  The rain we just experienced was a doozy! Our local rivers are swollen running over their banks in places, Lake Loveland is full and our temperatures are more normal for this time of year causing the snow in the mountains to melt! Our spring weather has been most unusual!
My apologies in not being a good blog friend and posting on the many blogs I so enjoy reading! I promise to do better. Just know I do read them! Thanks Gay for checking on me!
 So beware if you pick up a paddle and ball! You might just become Obsessed and Neglectful!

8 thoughts on “~Obsession and Neglect”

  1. I LOVE it when I have a new obsession! It’s exciting and such great fun to do something you love to do so much. Something you look forward to. I’ve had a few obsessions over the years, and I love them. I don’t have an obsession right now, though. Enjoy your Pickleball! 🙂

    1. Barbara, so very nice to hear from you! I think you are obsessed with taking great photos of your beautiful surroundings. Especially the hard to capture, fast running and lovely Roadrunner. So very sorry to learn of your friend’s passing. 😦 I remember lots of great photos of you guys! Thanks for writing.

  2. Ahhh, the pickle ball obsession; gave that up when good friend of mine (ours) ended up in a body cast for months; seriously. But Sheila, you are an over-achiever and likes life’s challenges and I can see you in many of splop, splop, splop tournaments. I used splop because it’s not ping (pong) or a tennis (thump) but a splop sound, actually quite loud and pleasing in it’s rhythm. splop, splop…back and forth across the net and I admire anyone who can take up this “holey ball” activity. So Bless you and Hol”ey” Balls a Fire! Have fun!!! Kudos for getting into that sport! K&L

    1. Gosh girl, I love you! You bring joy and a smile! I would say you are the over-achiever with all you do. Seriously, a body cast? Oh my! You are so correct with the sound, you can hear a good hit! Lets all play this winter!!!

  3. How wonderful you’ve found a fun hobby. This weather is definitely unusual. We’ve been comfortably parked at Chatfield SP, which has seen some flooding. I’m fighting a nasty cold and eating chicken soup as it continues to come down in buckets 😦

    1. Gosh Ingrid, I’am sorry you have a cold. A spring cold isn’t fun at all. Hope you feel better soon! We had a down pour this afternoon! Crazy, crazy weather. The thunderstorms have been amazing. Stay dry and safe. Always glad to hear from you!

  4. It’s a good thing the courts are inside! Do you think it will ever stop raining? Kudos to you for getting yourself out there and staying active and busy Sheila!

  5. Good Morning Gay, guess what it is doing this morning? RAINING!! It might not ever stop!! You guys are the busy ones and getting to see such gorgeous country. Have fun!! ☺️

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