~This time last year

Around this time last year Howard and I were staying at Willard Bay State Park in Willard, Utah and while there we visited Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Since I haven’t taken any interesting photos here at home, I thought I would share with you a few from our visit to this gorgeous area. To view my original posts, visit these web-sites Bear River and More from Bear River and Willard Bay.

We had an exciting time traveling last summer, visited some beautiful areas and saw lots of wildlife; however, so far this spring and summer it has been wonderful just relaxing here at home.  I need to capture a few photos from around here to share!

Not Alone
Not Alone

5 thoughts on “~This time last year”

  1. Enjoyed this post. We have also been enjoying a relaxing summer at home. I sent off my camera for a much needed cleaning so the only pictures I have been taking are of my grandchildren with my phone!

    1. Hi Beth!! Great to hear from you!! Glad you are enjoying your time at home with the grandkids. I bet you miss your camera a lot!! I hope it comes back in great shape and all cleaned up! Keep in touch, hugs to you.

  2. Beautiful header photo Sheila. I remember your trip from last summer and enjoyed reading along as well as your awesome photos. Having a sticks and bricks sure has its advantages sometimes. We have been parked here in Moab for awhile and have been busy with family and friends. Next week we head to Montrose where I hope it will be cooler and we can get in some much needed hiking. Enjoy your time relaxing!

    1. Did you get JoeIII and Jena hooked???? LOL I hope so!!!
      Montrose should be beautiful; can’t wait to see your photos!!
      Have a safe trip there.
      Thanks Gay, as always, for your kind words!!

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