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~Learning Pickleball

Purvis, Mississippi has two tennis courts, one of which has been outlined for Pickleball. We went there, so I could show Carol and Leland how to  play. We had a lot of fun the two times we played around!

Carol (sil) and Leland (brother). Showing them how to play Pickleball.
Carol (sil) and Leland (brother). Showing them how to play Pickleball.
Carol, having fun!
Carol, having fun!
Leland, having fun!
Leland, having fun!
"I love these guys!"
Do they look tired? Nah, one runs four miles a day and the other walks four miles a day. “I love these guys!”
"I love these guys!"
“I love these guys so very much!”
My ball boy! Love him!
My ball boy! Love him!

~Obsession and Neglect


An Obsession is,

tiring, stressful, addicting,



Neglect happens ,

when you are Obsessed,

no time for other things.


And, so it has gone lately with my Obsession to learn and play Pickleball; everything else has been Neglected. ¬†I’am not kidding. I haven’t been this obsessed, with learning something new, since getting my cameras. The game is fun, great exercise, can be social and is extremely addicting.
It has been a few weeks since my introductory Pickleball class and since then I  have been playing whenever I get an opportunity.  Joining the Loveland Pickleball Club has helped me meet people that love the game and is a great resource.
This past Tuesday I played for the first time on an outdoor court, which I love. I have also driven to a nearby town that offers dedicated, beginner, indoor,  play. I have read a couple of books on the topic and have watched, more than a couple, videos. Played three times this week Рso far.  Obsession! 
Not posting on my blog is where my¬†Neglect comes in (I won’t mention what else I have neglected). I need to get outside, in between our unusual for Colorado, rain showers and thunderstorms, and take some photos so I can get back to posting.
As I sit at my desk and type this post, two Flood Alerts beeped their warning.  The rain we just experienced was a doozy! Our local rivers are swollen running over their banks in places, Lake Loveland is full and our temperatures are more normal for this time of year causing the snow in the mountains to melt! Our spring weather has been most unusual!
My apologies in not being a good blog friend and posting on the many blogs I so enjoy reading! I promise to do better. Just know I do read them! Thanks Gay for checking on me!
 So beware if you pick up a paddle and ball! You might just become Obsessed and Neglectful!

~Pickleball Class Two

Pickleball ¬†Mania….

Last Sunday I wrote a post about my first experience starting a four week Pickleball class at our local gym. Yesterday, I attended class two of four. Hubby and I left home early and headed for the gym so I could watch a group of experienced Pickleball players in action. They were playing during what is called РPickleball Open Play.

Hubby went to exercise and I enjoyed observing these competitive 50+ group of people playing a game they truly love. I am on my own here, hubby has no interest in playing.

There were as many women as men and they were just as competitive. After my class is over, I can sign up to join in on the fun, played in a rotational type of system, whenever there is Pickleball Open Play. These times are scheduled for each season and everyone gets to play with all skill levels being welcomed.

After the Open Play session on Sunday our class began and the seven students and one instructor got to play for most of the sixty minutes. We learned how to keep score, which team started play first, which team member served first, etc. It was great fun!

Our local gym is very popular and heavily used, and there are demands on space from all types of people with different interests. The Pickleball court (temporary) is set up in one of the inside basketball courts and isn’t¬†left up; it is taken down after each¬†scheduled event.

So basketball playing younger folks are competing with Pickleball playing seniors for space. During the summer months the only time people can play Pickleball inside is from 6:00am to 9:00am two days a week. That is just not fair! Who wants to play Pickleball this early, we are still drinking coffee at this time of day.

I find myself observing how many places around town are setup for basketball and tennis, lamenting on the lack of people out there playing and fussing, “why don’t they convert some of these to Pickleball courts.” Go figure! I must be crazy after only two classes. Not to mention that it is still pretty darn chilly here so of course people won’t be out playing – but still. I can fuss if I want.

Fighting for playing space with basketball and tennis players – and oh don’t forget the 50+ Volleyball players – I would have never thought this would happen here.

There are a few outdoor courts available in Loveland and some nearby in other communities, such as Windsor, Greeley and Fort Collins. Who wants to play Pickleball, outside, during the winter months in Colorado?  We have enough to worry about, like playing  5,000 feet above sea level.

Loveland is becoming a retirement location for seniors to retire to from mostly the colder northern states. So maybe, with more of us, we will have a say on the types of facilities that are build and maintained. Power to 50+ Seniors!

I have to give credit to Loveland, which has always maintained and upgraded community facilities, for all ages, to enjoy. Colorado and Loveland are committed to promoting healthy activities for all age groups. Lots of facilities, parks, pools, tennis and basketball courts, and bike paths around town. Good job Loveland!

Hubby and I  have enjoyed our local Recreation Center since 1986 and have seen many renovations and additions. I heard the other day that during a recent spring break there were 3,500 visitors to our gym in one day.

Pickleball is relatively new here so I am sure the powers that be will try to accommodate crazy seniors hitting a plastic ball with holes in it across a 36 inch heigh net with a paddle. Do you have a mental picture of this in your head? {grins}

I will try to get some photos to add to my next Pickleball post. If you play Pickleball, I invite you to share your experiences playing this sport.

~A New Experience

Today, I started a four week class on how to play Pickleball! There were seven of us in the class, plus the instructor.

Pickleball, is a mix of tennis, ping-pong, paddleball and badminton and is considered to be the fastest growing sport in the United States, especially among seniors. The instructor stated, “Pickleball is now played in every state.”¬†

You play with large ping-pong paddles and a wiffle ball on a shortened tennis court. Two or four people can play. 

The sport began in 1965 in Washington State and has been a popular sport in the southern states for many years. Just look around any retirement community in Florida or Arizona and you will see Pickleball courts.

The sport has finally reached Loveland, Colorado with weekly games at several of the counties local parks, including several at our local recreation center. Loveland has its own Pickleball Club with 55 members. Who knew!

During our travels south for the winter I have seen many Pickleball Courts and many happy people playing, and seemingly having lots of fun.

This first class was fun and I look forward to learning more about how to play and then getting out there!

Here’s a link to an article about Pickleball in Colorado: ¬†¬† http://www.reporterherald.com/lifestyles/recreation/ci_25182651/pickleball-is-exploding-popularity-across-colorado