~Scenes from a morning walk

Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont, Florida


Howard, Skye and Kloud
Lake Louisa
Swampy area
Remember to Look Up!
Cypress Trees, Moss and a Sandy Shore

Its hot here in Clermont, Florida with temperatures reaching 87 degrees. Walking for any length of time is out of the question. The “girls” get pretty hot, as do their human best friends! Sitting outside is tolerated for short periods of time; bugs can be a nuisance.  However, for me being outside is preferred over sitting in AC.

We have a lovely site with a huge tree that shades the passenger side of the coach for most of the day. Birds visit, which is nice, along with other creepy crawly things, that is not so nice.

My five Orchids are enjoying being outside soaking up the humidity in the air and receiving moisture from the early morning dew. One is sprouting new buds; hopefully I will have a blooming Orchid soon.

Life goes on. Moments of pleasure, such as our walk this morning or sitting outside watching a Northern Cardinal pair hunt for bugs, make up for what we can’t control.

Enjoy each day!



8 thoughts on “~Scenes from a morning walk”

  1. Looks beautiful. Its so cold here, below zero this morning. We leave in the morning. A big snow storm in New Mexico held us up. We are anxious to get to warmer weather. Will you be staying in this park the remainder of your winter stay?

    1. Good Morning Arlene! Nice to hear from you. I hope your Christmas was filled with happy family time.

      Travel safely, this El Niño weather is unpredictable! Enjoy your time in AZ, I hope you have good weather while there. Bringing your paddles and Bikes!?!? 😉

      We have a few more state parks to visit before leaving Florida! It has been too warm so far. We are hoping for some cooler temps. Visit the memu selection, at the top of my blog page, called Travel Plans and you will see a list of state parks we are going to.

      Hugs to you and Moe
      Be safe!

  2. Left this morning…4 below zero. Its ungodly cold. Staying with my brother tonight in raton, nm. Yes we have our bikes and paddles! Can hardly wait.

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