~Alafia River State Park

Alafia River State Park, Lithia, Florida

We are currently in Alafia River State Park. Our friends Karla and Larry are camping here with us for a few days, and we are very glad they are here.

Since Wednesday we managed to get in a few walks and one neat hike. If you like to bike and/or ride horses, Alafia River is the place to come. Check out this beautiful Florida State Park here: Alafia River.

Here are a few photos of our site and the campground. We have four Live Oak trees on our site.

The girls are enjoying it here.

Skye River
A trail
A pond
Karla, Larry and Howard
Karla, Larry and Howard. Check out this bike trail.This park is known for its elaborate bike trails.

This park is pastoral and peaceful, and filled with live oak trees. The birds love these Live Oak trees. We have spotted several Osprey, one Bald Eagle and seventeen other species so far. Here is a beautiful Green Heron and a Killdeer.

A little fall color in winter. Alafia River State Park
A little fall color in winter. Alafia River State Park

More later…

9 thoughts on “~Alafia River State Park”

  1. We enjoyed camping at Alafia River a few years ago. We enjoyed watching osprey flying over the pond and went for a walk on one of the trails. So glad you are seeing lots of birds. The girls look very happy!

    1. Hi Beth, there were several Osprey nests, just about on every power pole; babies soon! We saw a Bald Eagle, but not its nest. We enjoy Afafia – very nice, large sites and quite! And, the horses are always fun to see!

  2. Once again, spectacular! thanks so much for keeping in touch!



    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Today is a blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. ~ Improbables Librairies


    1. Hi Anne Marie, sorry it sometimes takes me so long to answer. We have to watch our “bits” while on the road, so I wait a little while to reply. I hope you are having a great winter up there. Let me know if you decide to take a trip to Colorado! Hugs back at ya lady!

    1. Hey! I am glad you noticed my Orchid. It now has nine blooms on it and I am thrilled. The first one I purchased, while in Florida last year. has three buds! So I guess they are happy! I just put them outside to get a little rain. Hope you are enjoying your time in AZ! Looks like it!! 😉

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