~Birding in Texas, Let’s Chat!

~South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX, April, 2017


~Yellow-breasted Chat…


I first saw the Yellow-breasted Chat on June, 9, 1987 in Loveland, Colorado. I was out birding with my birding mentor Ann Means not long after Howard and I moved to Loveland. Ann was my dear friend and she taught me a lot about birds. She was a retired school teacher and loved nothing more than to go driving around in search of birds. She also loved to share her life time experiences with bird watching. I will always treasure my time with her.

Back on June 9, 1987 we were birding west of town on a dirt road off of Highway 34. You might be familiar with this highway; if you keep going west on Highway 34, from Loveland, you will come to the town of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

What I love most about the Chat is its varied, musical notes. They like to sit at the top of a shrub and sing! It likes to mimic the song of other species of birds.

It is an enjoyable experience to sit and listen to the Chat’s singing.

While visiting South Llano River State Park, the Chat would fly in to the yard of a blind, search around for just the right “puddle” of water and take a bath. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hear it sing.


Yellow-breasted Chat

I have a few more photos of the Yellow-breasted Chat that I will share.

Happy Birding!

6 thoughts on “~Birding in Texas, Let’s Chat!”

  1. Anne Marie, so nice to hear from you. I hope you got to hear the Chat singing; so pretty! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Love from one “on-the-back-nine!! Heehee

    1. I sure hope so. While sitting in the bird blinds they would just fly in, get a drink and/or a bath and fly out. Their song is lovely. I need to go driving down a country road and find one sitting at the top of a scrub signing its heart out! It was a lot of fun watching the birds take a bath. I hope to publish some more photos of them in the water.

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