~The Grand Canyon


~A Land To Inspire Our Spirit…

Grand Canyon — one of Earth’s most powerful, inspiring, landscapes — overwhelms our senses.

Its story tells of geologic processes played out over unimaginable time spans as a unique combination of size, color, and dazzling erosional forms:

-277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep.

Its rugged landscape hosts a fascinating variety of plant and animal communities, from the desert next to the Colorado River deep in the canyon to montane forests atop its North Rim.

Humans have played parts in the story for thousands of years. Broken spear points, enigmatic split-twig figurines, decorated pots, abandoned mines, and historic hotels suggest some who have called the canyon home.

Today, is just the latest page in a history still being written. Grand Canyon National Park is a gift presented to us. (taken from the GC brochure)


Howard and I were presented with the opportunity to experience this beautiful gift from nature for four days. We were there from October 18th thru the 21st.

Over the next several days I hope to share our adventures with you.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon



~A Land to Inspire Our Spirit….it sure inspired mine!~

4 thoughts on “~The Grand Canyon”

  1. Thanks soooo much for sharing your adventures! It is so much fun to see your beautiful photos and be reminded of what it means to live “the good life”.

    1. Trace, I miss you! You are a sweet, kind hearted person. I hope you are enjoying playing PB with the gang; I sure do miss playing. Thanks for your kind words. I am truly glad you are enjoying seeing my photos.

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