~Birding in Arizona – Number 388!

~Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, AZ (near Tucson), November, 2017

I am excited to add a new bird sighting to my Life List. Number 388, a cute Dusky Flycatcher.

This Dusky Flycatcher, migrating south, visited our RV site, at Catalina State Park, for several days; continually searching for insects in the Mesquite trees.

Dusky Flycatcher


“Ain’t he cute?”


I am writing this post from Lafayette, Louisiana, arriving today after spending three nights in Beaumont, TX. The birding at Cattail Marsh in Beaumont was wonderful! We met some expert birds while out on the pier, giving us some great advice on birding along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. Wouldn’t it be fun to attend a couple “Birding Counts” in this area?

Hopefully, next winter we can spend a few weeks down on the Texas Gulf Coast birding. Yeah!!

I am so far behind in posting; hopefully I will catch up soon. I have a few more photos from Catalina State Park to share, and photos from Rock Hound State Park in Deming New Mexico; South Llano River State Park in Junction, TX; McKinney Falls State Park near Austin; and Cattail Marsh in Beaumont.

Howard and I are enjoying our journey…. meeting with friends along the way, eating some delicious food (we had Crawfish Étouffée for lunch) and persuing our hobbies as best we can on the road.  I even got to  play a couple hours of Pickleball with friends in Austin, which made me extremely happy.

We haven’t seen rain for many, many weeks; I bet we will see some very soon!

~Enjoy the Journey~


6 thoughts on “~Birding in Arizona – Number 388!”

    1. I am also. Of course I love seeing a new bird. It was tiny and very cute! Thanks for always commenting; I hope you enjoy seeing them! Enjoy your week!

  1. Joe and I had planned a winter on the Texas Gulf Coast, but Harvey beat us there. Wouldn’t it be great to see each other there…

    Beautiful photos Sheila!

    1. Hi Gay! It sure would be fun to meet up somewhere along the Texas Gulf Coast and do some birding! Maybe next year!! We met a Canadian RV’er parked next to us in Beaumont and they were headed to Padre Island for one month.

    1. Hey Beth! Yes, the Crawfish Étouffée was very good, what will we find today? Food is what we miss about Louisiana, we left there in 1986 for Colorado and enjoy going back to eat, visit family and friends! I am glad you are enjoying my posts, it gets hard trying to keep up and managing our – Verizon unlimited data plan – ;-(

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