~A hike to Picacho Peak

From the top of Picacho Peak

On Friday, January 4, 2019, while staying at Picacho Peak State Park we climbed to the top of the famous Picacho Peak. We began our hike at the Hunter Trailhead. The distance to the top is 2.7 miles with an increase in elevation of 2,014.

Our site at Picacho Peak State Park
Our four-hour hike begins.

Description of the trail from a web-site: The trail to the summit is well marked and maintained. The trail is challenging and requires strong arms to grip the cables on ascent and descent- gloves are highly recommended. Views from the trail and the summit are great!

The weather on this Friday was perfect for the climb, not too cool or too warm. Our round trip took us a little over four hours. The path was steep and rocky, and in some places, we were walking along a sheer drop off. Beautiful, old Saguaro Cactus as far as the eye could see.

Along the trail heading to the top.
Heading up, it was cooler.

In several locations, we had to use the provided cables to help us climb the steep, rocky terrain. We had read where gloves were advisable and I was so glad I had mine.

Some of the cabling we used.

In some places along the trail, we would descend only to have to hike straight up again.
Midway point, called “The Saddle”
A very nice view.
At the top of Picacho Peak

Enjoying a snack and the views.
At the top!

I have never experienced anything like it before. I am so grateful that we made it to the top. We sat at the summit enjoying a snack and the view. It was a challenge and difficulty.

Our set challenge was met, it was so much fun and I won’t ever forget this climb/hike.

Some moss along the way.

Didn’t take too many photos, because I needed both hands free to navigate the trail and to use the cabling. Howard took the panoramic, header photo using his Apple iPhone.

The only birds I observed along the trail were several Rock Wrens.

10 thoughts on “~A hike to Picacho Peak”

    1. Hi Beth! Yes, it was ad adventure. I sure wish I could have taken more photos along the way, especially the saguaros. Hope you are enjoying your winter!

  1. I am so totally impressed by your PP Hike! After living in Tucson and hearing the stories of the difficulty of this climb, I am thrilled you and Howard made this journey. Fantastic – you guys ROCK! HI hI, K

    1. Thank you, my dear friend. It was fun, and I was determined to finish! 😉 I sure hope you are feeling better and ready to enjoy yourself at HamCation!

    1. Hi Lois! Hope you both are doing well! Yes, it was a fun one. I enjoy hiking, but never have done one such as this. We have a beautiful day here today with highs in the 50’s. Have fun!

  2. Great job! This is a difficult hike but it is very interesting. We were surprised by how many chain sections there were. We walked from the campground and did a loop by coming up the back section which is crazy!!. We took the Hunter Trail down as the last part. I do believe the Hunter Trail at the end was the worst. My knees were shot from all the steps down. But we did it and so did you!! Congrats!

    1. Thanks so much! Congratulations to you both also; it must have been a long one. We drove to the trailhead in the “back” of the park and walked the trail for a while. We decided to take the Hunter trail. I see you guys are enjoying Borrego Springs getting in lots of golf. Give the handsome one a hug for me (you know who)! Have fun, stay safe!

  3. Congratulations! you did it. It is a great hike with a wonderful reward at the end. We were not camped at the SP when we hiked it, and we ended up with a 10-mile hike to get back to our car which was parked at the Hunter Trailhead. Fortunately, our RV park had a heated pool, all I needed to recuperate and soothe my aching muscles.

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