~A Joy in Life…


To share your life,

with a friend,

is pure joy.

Especially a  four-legged one,

because they will always,

give you unconditional love.

A happy Kloudy
Kloudy, with love in her heart.
Skye River, pure devotion.
Skye when she was a puppy
Kloudy taking a snooze.
Skye River cooling off.


Love them every day!

2 thoughts on “~A Joy in Life…”

  1. Oh, so glad to hear from your dear Dragon Lady #1. So far away but never out of my thoughts. Your pictures are beautiful, and the “Girls” are ever beautiful. I am pet starved, but try to be near friends who have fur babies. Catherine has 2 dogs (Bella and “Fin,” and a horse for Maddie to take her riding lessons with!). Stay in touch, and I’ll do the same. Sending love and joy..

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