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~Okay, where to pick up posting…

I love these two!

January 10, 2018

Howard and I are camping at Ross Prairie Campground near Ocala, Florida. We have been hanging around the Crystal River, Ocala areas since leaving Eastbank COE campground in late December.

Weather wise our days have been mostly rainy with cool temperatures, with some nightly lows in the twenties. I have been thankful for a few sunny days in between the cloudy, rainy days.

My last post was back when we were at South Llano River State Park. My dilemma is — where do I pick up posting again?

Should I go back and post where we have been in chronological order, start with current locations or see what comes?

I don’t have many photos since leaving Eastbank, because of the weather and a resulting lack of enthusiasm. I am hoping for a flash of creativity! 😉

I just wanted to say hello and to wish everyone a wonderful 2018! May your dreams come true, may you have good health, may you be surrounded with loving family and friends, and may you experience fun adventures!

~~New posts coming, I think I’am back in the mood!~~



~Look Mom its snowing

We woke up this morning to sleet that quickly turned into snow. It has been snowing all day with temperatures hovering around 33 degrees. The forecast calls for one to three inches of snow for our area of Colorado. We do need the moisture.

Dove trying to stay warm.
Dove trying to stay warm.
Looking down into our front yard from the deck.
Looking down into our front yard from the deck.
Stretching its wing.
Stretching its wing.
No takers, as yet, on the peanuts.
No takers, as yet, on the bird feeder filled with peanuts. However the Scrubs will be along.
Western Scrub looking down at me.
Western Scrub looking down at me. Photo taken yesterday.

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~Up high she jumps and over she sails~

"Did my Mom tell you about the felled tree I jumped over?"
“Did my Mom tell you about the felled tree I jumped over?”

A true story…..

Four paws and a heart of gold,

my little Keeshond and I head out the door,

we decide to take a hike along a tree-lined trail,

with hopes of seeing a few birds, maybe even a covey of quail.


Up ahead along the path, we spot a felled tree,

its height, from the ground, comes up to my knee,

I look at Skye and she looks up at me,

“Over” I say with encouragement, “you can do it, you will see”.


The expression on the face I see looking up at me, says  “I don’t know”,

a few seconds pass, a decision is made, off she runs, at first a little slow,

picking up speed, front legs pointing the way, back legs tucked up close to her belly,

up high she jumps and over she sails, just like a little filly.


She lands, she stops, she turns just her head and looks back at me as if to say – Alright!

I can tell she is excited and the expression upon her face is one of pure delight, 

you see, with this small achievement, 

she tickled herself and brought me extreme merriment.


"I made my Mom laugh today and I even tickled myself."
“I made my Mom laugh today and I even tickled myself.”