~Arizona Bird Series – Acorn Woodpecker

Madera Canyon, December 30, 2020

I first saw this bird on 11/07/2009 while visiting Fort Davis State Park.

“What no holes?”

Acorn Woodpeckers are very unusual woodpeckers that live in large groups, hoard acorns, and breed cooperatively. Group members gather acorns by the hundreds and wedge them into holes they’ve made in a tree trunk or telephone pole. Acorn Woodpeckers also spend considerable time catching insects on the wing.


Note the tail.
“Where is my next acorn?”

Happy Birding!

One thought on “~Arizona Bird Series – Acorn Woodpecker”

  1. When visiting a Russian River (Napa Valley) campground many years ago, we had a 5th wheel with a big picture window aft. We were backed up to a tree riddled with acorns and we spent hours watching these busy birds tucking acorns into their “slots” I can’t believe the trees survive this activity. They are so fun to watch “a bird’s version of squirreling it away”.

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