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~A few bird photos from Cave Creek Regional Park


A beautiful small bird with a yellow head. They love to feed on Oranges.

~Phainopepla- male

A black bird with red eyes.They like to sit at the top of trees.

~Black-throated Sparrow

Their behavior is true Sparrow. Glad it stayed still for a few seconds!

~Gambel’s Quail

Their feather colors are striking, which blend in with their environment. And, they are always moving.

~~Happy Birding~~

~Things are just humming along…

~The many faces of an Anna’s Hummingbird.

These were taken at Catalina State Park:

These were taken at Picacho Peak State Park:

If you would like to read more about this beautiful Hummer go to: http://naturemappingfoundation.org/natmap/facts/annas_hummingbird_k6.html


Grab your binoculars, go for a walk and have some fun!

~Friday’s Feathered Friends

*Number 408 on my Birding Life List

Hepatic Tanager


I saw this pair at Madera Canyon, Rita Lodge back in January. What a treat!

~Why is it called a hepatic tanager?

The Hepatic Tanager’s sweet, caroling song carries well through the open pine and pine-oak forests of its highland habitats. Named for the male’s dusky reddish upperparts (“hepatic” refers to the liver), this species’ scientific name ( flava) also references the female’s yellow plumage.

~Where do tanagers live in the US?

Hepatic Tanagers occur in much of South and Central America and barely reach the southwestern U.S., where they are common but very little studied. They have gradually expanded their range northward since the 1960s.

Happy Birding wherever you are!