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~Our visit to Texas Hill Country

Our visit to the Texas Hill Country and the Buckhorn Lake Resort…

Kerrville, Texas, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country is a picturesque place, and one of our favorite cities to visit while traveling along I10.

The Buckhorn Lake Resort is one of our favorite private parks. The Buckhorn is unique in that it offers travelers many choices of RV sites: back-in sites along grassy fields, pull-throughs in the interior of the park, pull-ins with a view of beautiful Goat Creek, an area for adults only, and privately owned Casitas with RV parking. They have rental cabins, a huge barn where entertainment and dining are offered, meeting rooms, two bath houses with hot tubs and pools, an exercise room, a doggie park, a tennis court, basketball goals, four Pickleball Courts (new), and an outside meeting place for happy hour. They also offer scheduled events and bus transportation to many of the attractions in the area РBandara, Fredericksburg, San Antonio plus many others.

I am sure I have missed something. If interested go to their web-site and have a peek at this beautiful RV park –¬†Buckhorn Lake Resort. They truly have earned the “Resort” in their name.

When you enter the park there is a lot of room to stop for registering or hooking-up when leaving. The registration office below.


This huge windmill sits in the middle of a circle as you enter just below the office.


View of a bath house, pool, Red Barn, rental cabins and gathering place for happy hour.


A view of the Casitas. These were built during phase three. The ones below this photo were built during phase one. You can see as time passed the Casitas got larger.


Beautiful Hill Country stone, which everything is build with in the park. Another view of the Casitas below.

Look close, in the middle of the photo below and you can just spot our coach.

View of the Casita and RV Park from a hill.
View of the Casita and RV Park from a hill.
Casitas on the right and RV Park on the left
Casitas on the right and some of the pull-in RV sites on the left.


Fishing Pone, edge of exercise room deck
Fishing Pond, edge of exercise room deck.  Our site, located two sites down from the jeep above.
Bridge and Gazebo
Gazebo at night.

We spend three nights at the Buckhorn this trip, and enjoyed each day. We have traveled from Kerrville to Lake Colorado City State Park.

Until next time…..¬†Happy RV’ing!





~My Contribution to Good Fences #10~

My contribution to

Good Fences



a fence built with wire and old trees, 

stands along a Texas Hill Country road side,

it can be a lonely place,

for a little Lesser Goldfinch, 

until his pals show up


A Lonely Place
A Lonely Place


Waiting! Where are they?


Pals are wonderful to have!
It is wonderful to have pals to share your life with!


We were staying at the Buckhorn in Kerrville, Texas back in April 2014 and I spotted these Lesser Gold Finches flitting around. I didn’t get the best¬†shots of them, but of course the chase is always fun!

However, I did remember this lovely fence.