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~New Family Member

In October we lost Skye River the Keeshond in the photo above. She was my shadow for 14 years. She will remain in my heart along with all the previous furry babies we have had.

Does one feel quilt when bringing another into the home. There was some quilt along with a full spectrum of emotions. But, in the end love won.

The quote above spoke to me and I find it to be true. As the quote says – a new fur baby expands the heart.

So with happiness and love I would like you to meet Riley and may she expand our hearts for many years to come.

A lovable and sassy 10 week old Keeshond.

Riley, 10 weeks old.

We brought her home yesterday and already she is the queen of the household. If only she would just love being in her crate at night. 😳 A howling baby with a BIG and LOUD mouth isn’t fun in the wee hours of the night.

Riley has her own blog. Follow her at http://Rileymykees.wordpress.com




~Up high she jumps and over she sails~

"Did my Mom tell you about the felled tree I jumped over?"
“Did my Mom tell you about the felled tree I jumped over?”

A true story…..

Four paws and a heart of gold,

my little Keeshond and I head out the door,

we decide to take a hike along a tree-lined trail,

with hopes of seeing a few birds, maybe even a covey of quail.


Up ahead along the path, we spot a felled tree,

its height, from the ground, comes up to my knee,

I look at Skye and she looks up at me,

“Over” I say with encouragement, “you can do it, you will see”.


The expression on the face I see looking up at me, says  “I don’t know”,

a few seconds pass, a decision is made, off she runs, at first a little slow,

picking up speed, front legs pointing the way, back legs tucked up close to her belly,

up high she jumps and over she sails, just like a little filly.


She lands, she stops, she turns just her head and looks back at me as if to say – Alright!

I can tell she is excited and the expression upon her face is one of pure delight, 

you see, with this small achievement, 

she tickled herself and brought me extreme merriment.


"I made my Mom laugh today and I even tickled myself."
“I made my Mom laugh today and I even tickled myself.”