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~Lake Bistineau State Park~

Lake Bistineau State Park - near Shreveport, Louisiana (with our very own private deck).
Lake Bistineau State Park – near Shreveport, Louisiana (with our very own private deck).

We were at Lake Bistineau State Park Monday night. It is a beautiful Louisiana State Park near Shreveport, Louisiana. Cost is $18.00 a night or $20.00 a night with a deck!

The "pack" at Lake Bistineau State Park
The “pack” at Lake Bistineau State Park

This park is filled with moss covered Cypress trees and typical Louisiana swamps.

Typical Louisiana Scene
Typical Louisiana Scene

We were the only ones in the park and enjoyed it very much. The waning moon, rose after dark and hung over the Cypress trees highlighting the hanging moss, giving the woods  a spooky look.  We were serenaded  by Owls hooting in the distance.

A stroll in the woods.
A stroll in the woods.
Cypress Trees
Cypress Trees


The ranger told me, when I checked in, that in the Bathhouse there were washers and dryers that we were welcome to use for free! We decided, to use the washers and dryers, after we spent the afternoon hiking around. By this time, clouds had moved in and it was “pitch” – can’t see your hand in front of your face – dark!

We travel with a car guard on our car and decided to drive the half-block to the Bathhouse leaving the car guard on the car. Whoa, big mistake!

Okay, Trip Two “lets use a flash light to shine on the road in front of the car”. Not as bad as Trip One, but too much dark, so little light!

I can’t believe, my overly cautious husband did this!

After Trip Two, conversation goes as follows:

Howard – “lets take the car guard off”

Sheila, “oh this is fun, want me to walk in front of the car with the flash light”

Trip Three – Howard won. We took the time to remove the car guard from the car; this trip we could see the road, but it was not nearly as much fun! We could also see Raccoons and feral cats.

It turned out to be a fun way to do some laundry! However, afterwards I spent too much time thinking about the feral cats.

Who lives here?
Who lives here?
Beautiful Fall Colors
Beautiful Fall Colors

Enjoy the Journey!

~A Walk in the Woods~


A walk in the woods,

Expectations await.


Strolled upon a flowing creek,

Bringing life from afar,

A melody of sweet harmony fills the air,

What secrets are you sharing?


Sheltering Live Oaks and tall Long Leaf Pines,

Swaying in the gentle evening breeze,

Whispering to each other and maybe to me,

What are you planning?


Singing their nightly lullaby of rich, deep notes,

Listen closely, green tree frogs,

Revealing stories of the day, expectations of the night,

Who attends your story time?


Dusk begins to blanket the woods,

Inviting shadows out to dance,

They present a choreographed musical of enchantment,

For whom are you performing?


A walk in the woods.

Expectations fulfilled.




Tyler, Texas is known for growing Roses. Notice the red rose in the water. Someone left several Roses here in memory of a loved one. Touching.
Canoe Guide

All photos taken at Tyler State Park, near Tyler, Texas. We spent two nights there this past Saturday and Sunday. We experienced fall all over again!

After leaving Ray Roberts State Park, we headed to MCD Innovations in McKinney, Texas, for seven nights, where we had our coach blinds installed. I promise a write up on the installation and process. I can truly say, we love the new MCD blinds.

Leaving McKinney, we traveled to Tyler State Park, where all of these photos were taken. Then to Lake Bistineau State Park in Louisiana for a night, finally leaving Texas! I have some photos of Lake Bistineau that I will post. We wish we would have had more time to stay a few more days there, but just ran out of time.

This afternoon we arrived at Natchez State Park, near Natchez, MS and will leave in the morning for Fairview River State Park in Madisonville, Louisiana for eleven nights. We are looking forward to being in one place for a little while. Hopefully, I can get caught up on my blog, answering comments and visiting your blogs!

I hope you enjoy my photos!