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~Carolina Chickadee gathering nesting material

Photo taken in South Llano State Park

Junction, Texas-March, 2017


Carolina Chickadee

Our Keeshond has lots of fur, so I try to brush her often. While camped at South Llano State Park a few days ago, I got our her brushes.

After I was finished brushing Skye, I placed several clumps of her fur in the surrounding trees near our RV site. It is almost spring and I noticed the birds were starting to gather materials for nest building. What better nest material than thick, soft doggie fur?

It didn’t take long for the birds¬†to find Skye’s present. With amusement,¬†I sat back and watched this Carolina Chickadee¬†pull apart a¬†ball of fur and fly off with¬†it toward a distant tree. Perfect!


Skye likes to share!