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~Birding in Texas, Painted Bunting, #2

~Painted Bunting, South Llano River State Park, Junction, TX, April, 2017


“Do I still look handsome wet?”
“I’am just thinking about how nice that felt. Think i’ll go again”
“Time to dry.”
“Jeez, hurry up.”
“I think I’am hungry now.”

After several good soakings, he flew toward the back of the bird blind and sat on this wire fence. He stayed there for awhile sunning himself. So pretty!


Happy Birding!

~Birding in Texas, Painted Bunting, #1

I don’t think an artist, given a blank canvas and asked to paint a bird, would have dreamt up the color combination of the Painted Bunting.

Reds, orange-reds, blues and greens all present in bold and iridescent shades, makes this male Bunting a striking specimen. Nature created magic with this beautiful bird.

Painted Bunting
Painted Bunting, male.











I first saw this gorgeous bird at South Llano River State Park on April 13, 2014. It is number 365 on my Birding Life List. It was a thrill. Park staff told me when we checked in that one male Painted Bunting had arrived and was spotted at one of the bird blinds. I felt lucky to have seen it then and very happy to get to add it to my life list.

I took the photo above on April 17, 2017, and it was still a thrill to see this bunting.

More photos of the Painted Bunting to follow.

Happy Birding!