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~Nature’s Bouquet~

Nature’s Bouquet

After drinking a Kona, 

We went for a walk,

Not until I spotted them,

Was there much talk.


I was delighted to see berries,

 Hanging on lime green trees,

It made me so giddy, 

I nearly fell to my knees.

The sun highlighting them perfectly,

It was still early,

Their beauty was enough,

 To make a girl  girly.


Never before,

Have I ever seen,

This color so beautifully displayed,

Except in my dreams.


Why, my favorite color, 

There is no logic,

Purple of course,

Is simply magic.

Purple Berries
American Beautyberry
Lime and Purple
Lime and Purple Dance well together.
A Purple String of Berries
A Purple Necklace of Berries
Does the color look like wine?


These are called American Beautyberry. Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Early Amethyst’ (Purple Beautyberry)

I  have never seen these before!; what a treat!

All Photos: SkyeRiver Photography ©Sheila de Laneuville

“It is the Journey that Matters in the End”

SBS: ~American Coot~

American Coot (4)
American Coot ~they are Beautiful~


Sheila’s Bird Shots: ~American Coot~

In early spring, of this year, we were returning home from our winter trip and we stopped at Balmorhea State Park for a couple of days. This state park is located in Balmorhea, Texas.

This little pond, in the state park, provided the perfect feeding area for these American Coots. The sun was setting, turning the pond’s surface to a beautiful “fire” color.


American Coot (3)
Swimming among the Reeds
American Coot (5)
Fiery Surface
American Coot (1)
Taking a Bite
American Coot (2)
American Coot
American Coot (6)
Beautiful Sunset Colors on the Pond

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