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~More photos from Jordanelle State Park

~Jordanelle State Park, near Heber, Utah

Today was mostly sunny and cool. A walk, bike ride, and a geocaching excursion filled the day.  The geocaching was a fun experience and a first of this type.

The geocache “course” is made up of ten total finds. You write down the coordinates at each station and it leads you to the next one. You probably guessed you find the sun, the eights planets,¬†and Pluto. For more¬†information, you can visit this link –¬† Solar System.

In the end, you retrieve a coupon from the ammo box, bring it up to the ranger station and get a prize. I believe this Solar Geocache Course is a great learning and fun experience for kids. And, perhaps for adults as well.

Here are a few photos from around the park today.

Beautiful autumn colors just after sunrise.


Picnic pad, table and fire ring at each site.
Rocky shoreline.
Pretty autumn colors.
Coots, I believe swimming away from the shoreline.
Jordanelle State Park Nestled in the rolling mountains north of Heber City, Utah sits the beautiful Jordanelle Reservoir, fed by the Provo River and impounded by the Jordanelle Dam. (from their web-site)


I hung a bird feeder out yesterday, but didn’t have any visitors. Today, two Western Scrub Jays and a Black-capped Chick-a-dee finally found the feeder. There are lots of Magpies here and I am hoping to capture a nice photo of one.

Late this afternoon we received a brief thunderstorm, which included small hail. As I type this post, the wind is blowing and it is starting to rain again. Low tonight – 36F.




~Jordanelle State Park

Traveling all day in the sunshine you would know that once we arrived at Jordanelle State Park, north of Heber, Utah, the skies over this beautiful Wasatch mountain range turned gray. However, the aspen, cottonwoods, and grasses, although past their peak, are still pretty.


A patch of blue sky. The sun moved in and out of the dark clouds.



The Jordanelle reservoir is fed by the Provo River.




Site 29, with full hookups.

You can find information about this beautiful Utah state park here –¬†Jordanelle


~This time last year

Around this time last year Howard and I¬†were staying at Willard Bay State Park in Willard, Utah¬†and while there we¬†visited Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Since I haven’t taken any interesting photos here at home, I thought I would share with you a few from¬†our visit to this gorgeous area. To view my original posts, visit these web-sites¬†Bear River¬†and¬†More from Bear River¬†and¬†Willard Bay.

We had an exciting time traveling last summer, visited some beautiful areas and saw lots of wildlife; however, so far this spring and summer it has been wonderful just relaxing here at home.  I need to capture a few photos from around here to share!

Not Alone
Not Alone

~My contribution to Good Fences #15~


My contribution to

Good Fences



A trail to follow
A trail to follow


trails to follow

a fence casting shadows

welcoming shade

invites us to follow

look close we have a visitor


A fence casting shadows
A fence casting shadows
Look close we have a visitor
Look close we have a visitor
California Quail
California Quail


Photos taken June 30, 2014 at Willard Bay State Park, Willard, Utah. A new bird for me, number 367!